Publish your research code: The Journal of Open Source Software
07-29, 20:20–20:30 (UTC), Green

JOSS, the Journal of Open Source Software ( is a venue for publishing research software packages. This provides a mechanism for the large time investment required to develop open-source research software to be included within traditional systems for academic credit.

A JOSS paper is meant to be a short description of the contribution provided by the research software,
with the main content being in the (archived) software repository itself.

The peer review process, run by volunteers via GitHub issues, and automated using a bot as much as possible, is designed mainly to review and improve the software itself, including documentation and tests.

Professor of Computational Science at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México and visiting professor at MIT.

Interested in computational science, interval arithmetic, and numeric-symbolic computing.

Author of the JuliaIntervals suite of packages for interval arithmetic, and various tutorials on Julia.

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