GPU programming in Julia BoF
07-29, 17:15–18:00 (UTC), BoF/Mini Track

This is a BoF to talk about the various GPU programming packages in Julia:

  • CUDA.jl
  • AMDGPU.jl
  • oneAPI.jl
  • KernelAbstractions.jl
  • GPUArrays.jl
  • GPUCompiler.jl
  • ...

If you have any thoughts or questions about these packages, or other approaches to GPU programming in Julia, please join this BoF to chat about it!

I'm a software engineer at Julia Computing, working on Julia's GPU packages and compilers.

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I am an HPC software engineer working at the JuliaLab. I maintain Dagger.jl, AMDGPU.jl, and BPFnative.jl, and generally enjoy the challenge of hacking on compilers and HPC runtimes.

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