Julia in High-Performance Computing
07-29, 16:30–17:15 (UTC), BoF/Mini Track

The JuliaHPC community as a group maintains the infrastructure for using Julia in high-performance computing. In this BoF we invite newcomers, application developers, and maintainers to join us for an informal discussion around the state of Julia in HPC.


Short presentations about ongoing projects

  • Ludovic Räss & Sam Omlin: GPU4GEO and Julia HPC development at ETH Zurich
  • Simon Byrne: ClimateMachine.jl
  • Valentin Churavy: CESMIX-MIT
  • Johannes Blaschke: Julia@NERSC

Roundtable discussion

  • Julia in the DOE
  • Teaching HPC
  • MPI.jl
  • Challenges of running Julia at scale
  • Deploying Julia (Sysimages/Pkg/Depots/Artifacts/...)
  • Your suggestion

I am a postdoctoral fellow and research software engineer at the Numerical Simulation Research Group of the University of Cologne, Germany. My research focus is on numerical methods for adaptive multi-physics simulations, high-order schemes, and high-performance computing.

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