Generating different base systems from the same inputs in Freedesktop SDK
11-10, 17:25–17:45 (UTC), Room 4

The Freedesktop SDK began life providing a runtime for the Flatpak app distribution tool. Now Freedesktop SDK generates a variety of base reference systems, including common libraries and utilities for other projects to build on top of. It's not easy to do this reliably, so let's talk about the tools and processes that make this possible.

This talk will focus on how the Freedesktop SDK project:

  • Controls the entire delivery pipeline to continuously build, test and integrate, keeping the main branch constantly green
  • Uses BuildStream and plugins to generate Flatpak runtimes, OS images and containers
  • Guarantees ABI stability
  • Aims for reproducible builds

Sam Thursfield is a long time operating systems developer and GNOME Foundation member. He currently works for Codethink Ltd.

His interests include music making and rock climbing. He continues to learn from his old mistakes while also making new ones.