Adam is a senior software engineer with Tweag I/O specialising in Nix and related technologies.

  • Trustix - A new model for trust in binary software distribution
Ahmed Zerouali

Ahmed Zerouali is a postdoctoral on the joint Belgian FNRS-FWO Excellence of Science project SECOASSIST and a research fellow at the Software Languages Lab of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel in Belgium. His research focuses mainly on empirical software engineering, in particular software evolution, mining software repositories and software analytics. He has authored and reviewed research papers published in top software engineering conferences as well as in major journals such as EMSE, TSE, JSEP, SCICO etc.

  • Quantifying Outdatedness Using the Technical Lag Measurement
Ajinkya Rajput
  • Mitigating Open-source Software Supply Chain Attacks With OSSIBOT
Alejandro R. Mosteo

Alejandro R. Mosteo is a professor at Centro Universitario de la Defensa, Zaragoza, Spain, since 2011. He received the Ph.D. in 2010 from the Universidad de Zaragoza, Spain. He has been a postgraduate researcher at Laboratoire d'Analyse et d'Architecture des Systèmes (LAAS), Toulouse, France. He is a member of the Robotics, Perception, and Real‐Time group at Instituto de Investigación en Ingeniería de Aragón. He became a member of the steering committee of the Technical Committee on Multi‐Robot Systems of the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society in 2015. His Ada advocacy career dates back to 2006 with his affiliation to the Ada‐Spain society for the promotion of the Ada language. Recently, he has joined the editorial board of the quarterly Ada User Journal as News Editor in 2019. In 2020 he has been appointed coordinator of the Ada working group within the Spanish standardization body (UNE). His research pursuits include multi‐robot cooperation, decentralized algorithms, and autonomous air vehicles.

  • Alire, the Ada Package Manager
Andrew Nesbitt

Creator of, host of package management podcast The Manifest and software developer

  • Panel: Package Manager Convergence: What Stands in the Way?
Art Manion

Art Manion is a Principal Engineer and the Vulnerability Analysis Technical Manager at the CERT Coordination Center (CERT/CC), part of the Software Engineering Institute at Carnegie Mellon University. He and his team coordinate complex vulnerability disclosures, perform in-depth technical analysis, and influence practice, standards, and policy. Art co-chairs the Framing working group of the U.S. NTIA Software Component Transparency (SBOM) multistakeholder effort.

  • SBOM, Packaging, and Vulnerabilities
Ashish Bijlani

Ashish holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Georgia Institute of Technology. He has over 8 years of industry experience, from working at startups as well as the Fortune 100 technology companies. Currently, Ashish leads the research and development at Ossillate, a cybersecurity startup that he founded during as a graduate student. He has a record of highly visible research, including 4 software patents and 8 peer-reviewed academic papers in top-tier Computer Science conferences. He has also presented his work at premier industry conferences, such as Open Source Summit and Linux Plumbers Conference.

  • Mitigating Open-source Software Supply Chain Attacks With OSSIBOT
Axel Beckert

Sysadmin by day, Debian Developer by night; maintaining a lot of packaging-related Debian packages like aptitude, aptitude-robot, debsums, dh-dist-zilla, equivs and debian-goodies, but also maintainer of other popular packages like zsh, screen and lynx, also a top 5 contributor to debhelper and top 15 contributor to lintian; sysadmin of the primary Swiss Debian mirror.

  • dh-dist-zilla: From Dist::Zilla's dist.ini to Debian's .deb in one go
Bartłomiej Piotrowski

Maintainer of Flathub, app store and build service for Flatpak, member of GNOME Foundation, Site Reliability Engineer by trade. Spent the last 10 years maintaining packages for Arch Linux.

  • Building Flatpak apps without flatpak-builder
Bart Oldeman

Bart Oldeman (Ph.D., Engineering Mathematics, University of Bristol) works for McGill University in Montréal, Canada as a Scientific Computing Analyst, within the Calcul Québec and Compute Canada umbrella organizations. He is a Software Installation Coordinator for the Research Support National Team within Compute Canada.

  • Combining CVMFS, Nix or Gentoo Prefix, Lmod, and EasyBuild at Compute Canada
Batel Zohar

Batel Zohar is a Developer Advocate for JFrog and has a background in DevOps support engineering, web development, and embedded software engineering. Prior to this, Batel served as an Enterprise Solutions Lead on a dedicated team that accompanies and assists large customers through the architectural implementation of the JFrog platform. She loves her dogs, plays guitar, and is a fan of Marvel’s movies

  • The Riddle of Package Managers… Solved by Conan
Beltrán Rueda
  • Bitnami: 15 years bringing open source to the masses
Ben Nuttall

Software engineer building prototypes at BBC News Labs. Formerly at the Raspberry Pi Foundation. Creator of gpiozero and piwheels. Into Python, Linux and all things open source.

  • Running a Python Package Index for Raspberry Pi
Bernhard M. Wiedemann

Bernhard M. Wiedemann is a software developer and sysadmin, since 2016 working at SUSE on reproducible builds. He wrote over 600 patches for various projects, including rpm and python setuptools.

In earlier times he managed OpenStack clouds, wrote the openQA OS-testing tool and the long obsolete translucency filesystem overlay for Linux-2.4

  • Why everyone should do reproducible builds
Blake Anderson

I'm a graduate student in Computer Science at the University of Florida researching programming language design. I currently work on Rhovas, a programming language for API design and enforcement emphasizing software maintainability.

Ask Me Anything:

  • Versioning for User-Facing Changes vs API Breakages
Caleb Xu

Caleb lives in the Raleigh-Durham metropolitan area in North Carolina, USA. He graduated in 2021 from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a B.S. Computer Science.

He first got involved in package management in 2014 with contributions to Homebrew Cask, an extension on the Homebrew package manager that manages the installation of GUI apps on macOS. After Homebrew Cask was eventually merged into Homebrew itself in 2018, he started to participate in maintaining Homebrew's core packages.

In his spare time, you may find him taking a screen break with a walk on one of the Raleigh-Durham area's many greenways and trails, having a stab at a new recipe in the kitchen, or fine-tuning a traffic light cycle in Cities: Skylines.

  • Force Multipliers in Package Management: How Homebrew Maintainers Keep Up With 10,000+ Packages
Carlos Maltzahn
  • Challenges with Java in a hermetic world
Christopher Ostrouchov

Scientific Software developer at Quansight.

  • Serving and Managing Reproducible Conda Environments via Conda-Store
CJ Wright

Christopher J. ‘CJ’ Wright is a member of the HPC team at Citadel. Previously CJ worked at Lab49 as a consultant and software engineer helping to advise clients in capital markets on strategic technology goals and build state of the art systems. Prior to his work at Lab49, CJ earned his PhD, MPhil and MS in Materials Science and Engineering from Columbia University, specializing in streaming data processing, data provenance, and x-ray scattering simulations. His work has spanned from crystal growth characterization to NASA Mars mission tomography to software support for complex experiments. CJ also holds a MS in Chemical Engineering from the University of South Carolina and a BS with honors in Chemical Physics from Brown University.
CJ holds various prominent positions in the open source software community, including a seat on the Conda-Forge core developer team, chair of the Conda-Forge Bot and Finance sub-teams and is a member of various other Conda-Forge sub-teams. CJ’s work on Conda-Forge helps deliver high quality software packages to the broader community and has earned him an award from the NUMFOCUS organization for his contributions. CJ is also a contributor to other important libraries in the Python and data science communities, including the regro project, streamz, and xonsh, among others.
CJ grew up in Rockville Centre, New York and currently lives in New York City. In his free time CJ develops for open source projects, plays woodwind instruments, and works out by playing squash and sailing.

  • Will the Real Slugify Please Stand Up: Adventures in API Mapping and Dependency Discovery
Daniel Machlab

A big fan of Open Source Software and an efficient development lifecycle, Daniel Machlab has dedicated his interests to making OSS license compliance seamless for his fellow VMware developers—and the entire Bazel community. Daniel's passion and appreciation for the Open Source Community dates back to his high school days when used OSS in his first apps. He had no idea that years later he would contribute a solution back to the community to make OSS easier to use.

  • Streamlining VMware's Open Source Licensing Compliance With Bazel
Daniil Baturin

Co-founder and maintainer of VyOS (, functional programming enthusiast, frequent contributor to the OCaml ecosystem.

  • Living with OPAM
Donald Pinckney

I enjoy working on formalizing semantics of systems so as to uncover surprising behavior, and fix related bugs. Recently I'm working on understanding the semantics of package managers.

  • MinNPM: Customizable Optimizing Dependency Resolution
Dustin Ingram

Dustin Ingram is a director at the Python Software Foundation, a maintainer of the Python Package Index, and a Developer Advocate at Google.

  • PyPI & Supply Chain Security
Edwin Kofler

A college student with ambitions. Lately, I've been writing Bash and Go with the goals of improving tooling across linux distributions and languages.

  • Bash: Comprehensive Dependency Management
Efraim Flashner

Efraim has been a contributor to GNU Guix since 2015 and apparently likes porting Guix to new architectures, having contributed to at least the aarch64, powerpc, and riscv64 ports. He can regularly be found using IRC from his phone to answer questions and has yet to learn Emacs.
When asked, he says watching all the compiling in the terminal window is soothing, with intermittent bouts of shouting 'NO' at the screen. He lives in Northern Israel with his family.

  • Adventures in packaging rust programs
Elliot Saba
  • BinaryBuilder.jl — Using Julia's Pkg to deliver binary libraries
Evan Cordell

Evan Cordell is an engineer at Authzed. Maintainer of Operator Lifecycle Manager. Formerly at Red Hat, CoreOS.

  • Unifying update channels and dependency resolution
Farid Zakaria

I'm a software engineer, father and wishful amateur surfer.
I have over a decade of experience writing software and am currently employed by Google.
My prior experience has largely centered around building public cloud infrastructure for AWS & Oracle.
I am deeply passionate about reproducibility, developer tooling & ergonomics.

  • Challenges with Java in a hermetic world
František Lachman

Software engineer at Red Hat; Project owner in the Packit team; teacher at Faculty of Informatics, Masaryk University, Brno; member of the Scout Movement and Python enthusiast.

  • Integrating upstream projects to Fedora Linux
George P. Sieniawski

As Senior Technologist at IQT Labs, George P. Sieniawski leads research, prototyping, and digital ethnography projects in a wide range of settings. These incl. a multi-year, pre-COVID-19 collaboration with the CDC/NCIRD focused on visualizing uncertainty within infectious disease forecast data. A more recent six-month effort, called PCAPviz, involved developing and delivering new network traffic exploration capabilities to security administrators.

  • HELLO WORLD: A Survey of Trust-Based Code Reuse
Gershom Bazerman

Gershom Bazerman is a longtime contributor to the Haskell ecosystem. He is a maintainer of the Hackage package repository, and contributor to the Cabal package management system. He also served on the committee for five years, and is a co-founder of both the NY Haskell Users Group and the NY Homotopy and Type Theory reading group. He currently works as a senior software engineer at Awake Security.

  • An Invitation to Order-Theoretic Models of Package Dependencies
Huy Ngo

Packager of IPWHL project

  • IPFS ❤ Python Wheels: Efficient, Secure and Reproducible Repository
Ian Eyberg

Ian Eyberg is the founder of NanoVMs, the maintainer of the open source Nanos unikernel and associated toolchain. Ian has a long background in open source starting with Slackware floppies in the mid-90s and is a noted authority on unikernels.

  • Creating Open Source Unikernel Packages
Jacob Finkelman

I am on the Cargo Team helping to maintain Rusts package manager.
I work on the CodeArtifact project for AWS.

  • Building a flexible dependency solver in Rust
Jaime Rodríguez-Guerra

Devops curious scientific software developer, now focusing on Python packaging.

  • Serving and Managing Reproducible Conda Environments via Conda-Store
Jasmine Dahilig

Jasmine is a software engineer at HashiCorp. She is an operating systems enthusiast and an avid fan of kitty café themed games.

  • Package Management for DevOps
Jeremiah Orians

Software bootstrapper who is willing to get his hands dirty with all the bits in software bootstrap chains that scare other people off.

  • Stage0 bootstrapping trust
John Speed Meyers

John Speed Meyers is an engineer in IQT Labs. His R&D work focuses on open source software, especially productivity benefits, security risks, and analysis of open source software ecosystems.

  • HELLO WORLD: A Survey of Trust-Based Code Reuse

Security analyst working at github on the advisory database

  • Github Advisory Database. The database backing dependabot
Jonathan Fine

I'm a long-term user and developer of TeX. I'm now retired from the Open University in the UK, where I was the LaTeX officer. My talk on Portable TeX Documents is based on my experience of problems in packaging TeX, informed by my knowledge of Python, Elm and Debian.

  • Tools for packaging and using Portable TeX Documents
Joseph Hejderup

Joseph Hejderup is a Ph.D. student at the Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands. His research interests include Dependency Management, Program Analysis & Ecosystem Analytics.

  • The Promises and Perils of Adopting Static Analysis in Dependency Analyzers
  • Are Project Tests Enough for Automated Dependency Updates? A Case Study of 262 Java Projects on Github
Joshua Lock

Joshua is a collaborator and maintainer on The Update Framework (TUF) and Supply-chain Levels for Software Artifacts (SLSA) projects. He is fortunate enough to work on these projects, and others, at VMware in their Open Source Technology Center. In a past life he spent many years working on and with the Yocto Project. Joshua has spoken at several events including Linux Security Summit, Embedded Linux Conference, and KubeCon + CloudNativeCon.

  • Panel: Package Manager Convergence: What Stands in the Way?
  • Defending against attacks on package managers
Kari Harju

Engineering Director at Robocorp managing the development of development tools around RPA.
Some 20 years of background in the software world on all sorts of platforms.
From Symbian to AWS DynamoDB and from dog tracking collars to tools building Python environments.

  • RCC - Open-source tool to setup, cache and maintain isolated and repeatable environments for the end-users and cloud
Kate Stewart
  • SBOM, Packaging, and Vulnerabilities
Kevin Mittman

Kevin Mittman is a GNU/Linux enthusiast with a passion for automation. He is a system software engineer at NVIDIA, with a focus on the installer packaging and release process for CUDA, the NVIDIA driver, and other CUDA-X products. Before joining NVIDIA, Kevin began his career in the open source community, maintaining Debian packages for Maemo and later an ArchLinux-based kiosk Linux LiveUSB distro.

  • Triforce: repository management
Kristoffer Carlsson

I'm a long-time contributor to the Julia language and its surrounding ecosystem (including its package manager).

  • Package registries for the Julia package manager
Lorena Balan

I'm Software Engineer & Pythonista since 2017, currently working on QuantumBlack's and McKinsey's first open source project. In my spare time you can find me on a volleyball court, in an art gallery, or (in non-pandemic times) on a plane for a city-break.

  • Micro-packaging reusable data science pipelines in Python
Luca Boccassi

Debian Developer, member of maintainers teams of DPDK/systemd/ZeroMQ, Software Engineer at Microsoft

  • Package information on ELF objects
Ludovic Courtès

Almost yen years ago, Ludovic started work on GNU Guix. It has since become the home of a vibrant community encompassing free software enthusiasts, principled developers, and scientists in search of reproducibility.

Before that, Ludovic was already a co-maintainer of GNU Guile, an implementation of the Scheme functional programming language, and a contributor to Nix, Nixpkgs, and NixOS—the beginning of a delightful journey at the crossroads of functional deployment and embedded domain-specific languages.

  • The Packaging Grail
  • Panel: Package Manager Convergence: What Stands in the Way?
Mahe Iram Khan

Mahe is a Computer Engineering undergrad student from India. She codes in Python and C++ and is a Packaging fan.
She is an intern at conda-forge, helping writing the conda-forge documentation. She is also an intern at Quansight Labs where she is adding new cool features to Grayskull.
Her hobbies are reading novels and eating tasty food.

  • Kickstart Your Journey into The Conda Packaging World with Grayskull
Marina Moore

Marina Moore is a PhD student at NYU Tandon’s Secure Systems Lab focusing on secure software updates and supply chain security. While at NYU she has worked primarily on research and development for The Update Framework (TUF), Uptaneand Notary.

  • Defending against attacks on package managers
Martin Perez, Beltrán Rueda

Martin is a Senior Staff Engineer and Beltrán is a Senior Engineering Manager at VMware both with more than 20 years of experience in complex and large distributed software systems.

  • Bitnami: 15 years bringing open source to the masses
Matt Farina

Matt is a Software Architect at SUSE who works on the development of new container tools. He is currently a maintainer of Helm and Artifact Hub and an emeritus chair of Kubernetes SIG Apps and Architecture. Matt is the author of the books Go in Practice and Learning Helm.

You can learn more about Matt at

  • How Helm, The Package Manager For Kubernetes, Works
Matthew Suozzo

Matthew works on Supply Chain Security at Google.

  • Securing the Supply Chain with SLSA
Matthias Meschede
  • Welcome + Keynote
Matthieu Pizenberg

I'm a computer vision researcher with a passion for open source and functional programming. Last year I made a deep dive into dependency resolution which was needed for my Elm test runner.

  • Building a flexible dependency solver in Rust

Mattt is a software engineer at GitHub working on the Swift package registry. He's the founder of NSHipster, a journal of the overlooked bits in Objective-C, Swift, and Cocoa. Previously, he worked at Apple as a technical writer, contributing to The Swift Programming Language, Swift Package Manager, and

  • Putting Concepts Into Boxes: A Survey of Packaging Systems and Patterns of Code Reuse
Michael Sarahan

Michael started out in science, using Python and C++ for driving electron microscope equipment and analyzing data. This was in the bad old days of mostly needing to compile your own software to use the latest and greatest packages. He took his skills for building packages to Continuum Analytics (now Anaconda), where he maintained conda-build, conda, and many conda recipes for several years. There he also steered Continuum towards opening up their recipes and contributing to Conda-Forge. Lately he works at RStudio, where he fumbles with Go, SQL and Javascript in efforts to facilitate managing R and Python together.

  • Islands of compatibility
Michael Stapelberg

  • distri: researching fast Linux package management
Michka Popoff

I am a Python developer with more than 9 years of experience. I also have 3 years of experience in Java programming.

I am an open-source enthusiast. I am part of Homebrew's technical committee (the missing package manager for Mac (or Linux)): I am also the lead maintainer of the Linuxbrew/homebrew-core project, and of the pygccxml Python library. Check out my GitHub account:

I have a PhD in Physics from the University of Lille 1 (France). I speak French, German, English and Luxembourgish. I regularly run marathons (and sometimes even longer distances than that).

  • Homebrew: improved Linux support (and a historical review of our Linux CI)
Mike McQuaid

Mike McQuaid is the Project Leader and maintainer for over a decade of the Homebrew macOS (and Linux) packager manager. For work, Mike is at Staff Engineer at GitHub on the Communities team.

  • Homebrew: A Packagers Deep Dive
Miro Hrončok

I am a member of the Fedora's Python SIG.

As a Linux distribution packager and packager mentor, I’ve seen hundreds of upstream projects and hundreds of distro packages. I help design packaging upstream and downstream.

I work at Red Hat Czech in the Python Maintenance team. I teach advanced Python (and Python packaging) at the Czech Technical University and I teach beginners in the Czech PyLadies beginners courses. I’m a contributing member of the Python Software Foundation and a member of the Fedora Engineering Steering Committee and the Fedora Packaging Committee, where I represent the technical and packaging leadership in Fedora.

  • Python in Fedora: Integrating a language ecosystem in a distro
Miroslav Suchy

In Red Hat, I work on packaging tools for the community. More about me at

  • How we rebuilt all 160k gems from as RPM packages
Mosè Giordano

Research Software Developer at UCL during the day, binary builder during the night.

  • BinaryBuilder.jl — Using Julia's Pkg to deliver binary libraries
Natalie Arellano

Natalie is a software engineer at VMware. She is currently a maintainer for the Cloud Native Buildpacks project.

  • Unraveling the magic behind Buildpacks
Neal Gompa

Senior DevOps Engineer by day, Linux systems aficionado and developer by night! Neal is a developer and contributor in Fedora, Mageia, and openSUSE, focusing primarily on the base Linux system components, such as package and software management. He's a big believer in "upstream first", which has led him all over the open source world.

  • Building Debian packages the RPM way with debbuild
Nguyễn Gia Phong

On the Internet, I am more commonly known as McSinyx (or CnX for short), a Vietnamese free software enthusiast. My areas of interest surround programming languages, concurrency, reproducibility and decentralization.

  • IPFS ❤ Python Wheels: Efficient, Secure and Reproducible Repository
Nisha Kumar

Nisha is a Senior Open Source Engineer at VMware. She works on tools to improve the container build and distribution ecosystem. You can follow her on Twitter @nishakmr.

  • Containers: What's package management got to do with it?
Norbert Preining

Mathematician and Logician by education, Norbert is now working in Fujitsu Research. His core interests are mathematical logic, computer science, machine learning, AI, security, software verification and specification. He is also the co-head of the TeX Live development team, Debian Developer (KDE/Plasma, Cinnamon, TeX, ...) and likes to touch all kind of computing devices.

  • Packaging TeX Live - the challenge of multi-platform support
Parke Bostrom

Parke Bostrom started writing computer programs in the 1980s. He lives in California. He believes a computer can only truly be "personal" if the user, and not the package manager, controls how software is installed, and how software runs.

  • What is a Package Manager?
  • Lxroot - Run, develop, and test packages and package managers in a lightweight virtual environment.
Paul Broadwith

Paul is a Engineer at heart with a love of PowerShell, Automation, Chocolatey, Scottish single malt whisky and wireless earphones. He has given workshops and spoken at different events across the UK, Europe and the US. He has a real passion for passing on knowledge and loves to talk with aspiring techies.

He is a Microsoft MVP and MCT, is Lead Engineer on the Boxstarter and DSC cChoco Chocolatey projects and is an organiser of the DATA:Scotland event. His career has seen him work in many sectors for over 25 years. As somebody kindly put it, he's been about a bit.

In his spare time, he usually continues to stare at computer screens and works on his own or Chocolatey projects. But on those rare occasions, when he is not staring at computer screens and listening to a strange mix of music on his wireless earphones, you can find him relaxing with a nice single malt whisky and reading ... usually technical books.

  • What is Chocolatey, The Package Manager for Windows?
Petr Viktorin

Petr is a Python core developer and Fedora packager. He works in the Python maintenance team at Red Hat.

  • Python in Fedora: Integrating a language ecosystem in a distro
Philippe Ombredanne

Philippe Ombredanne is a passionate FOSS hacker, lead maintainer of ScanCode, creator of Package URL, co-founder of SDPDX and ClearlyDefined. He is on a mission to enable easier and safer to reuse FOSS code with best in class open source Software Composition Analysis tools and data for open source discovery, license & security compliance at

  • The rise of mostly universal package managers
Pradyun Gedam

Maintainer of pip, packaging and various other tools for Python Packaging. Maintainer of TOML. Moderator on PyPI. Member of the Python Security Response Team. Member of the Python Packaging Authority. Maintainer of various Sphinx-related tools. Member of Executable Books project.

At his day job, Pradyun is a part of Bloomberg Engineering’s London Python Infrastructure team, and works to make it easier for software developers to write software in Python.

  • The quirks and challenges of pip's test suite and CI
Richard Zak

Richard Zak is a machine learning researcher and software engineer for a large company, and part-time university lecturer.

  • The Haiku Package manager
Robert Schumacher

Senior Software Developer at Microsoft working on Visual C++ Acquisition, Install, and Release. Lead Architect of vcpkg.

  • Vcpkg Asset Caching: Solving the Air Gap
Sambhav Kothari

Sambhav Kothari is an ML Engineer in the Data Science Platform team at Bloomberg, focusing on building better container integrations for machine learning workflows. He is one of the maintainers for the Cloud Native Buildpacks project.

  • Unraveling the magic behind Buildpacks
Sam Thursfield

Sam Thursfield is a long time operating systems developer and GNOME Foundation member. He currently works for Codethink Ltd.

His interests include music making and rock climbing. He continues to learn from his old mistakes while also making new ones.

  • Generating different base systems from the same inputs in Freedesktop SDK
Saranjeet Kaur Bhogal

Saranjeet Kaur Bhogal is a Statistician by training. She has completed the Google Summer of Code 2020 with the Turing team of the Julia language organisation. Her recent most open source project is the “R Development Guide” which she has written with a funding support from the R Foundation. She has presented her open source work at useR! 2021 - The R Conference and at JuliaCon 2021.

  • Turing.jl: An Overview
Sebastian Ehlert

Open source contributor to several Fortran projects, including the Fortran standard library and Fortran package manager.
Maintains several Fortran and Fortran-related packages in the conda-forge distribution.

Fortran-lang introduction can be found here.

  • Fortran Package Manager: Toward a rich ecosystem of Fortran packages
Serge « sans » Paille

Sometimes a compiler engineer, sometimes a Fedora packager, sometimes a wood chopper

  • Packaging LLVM
Stefan Karpinski

Co-creator of Julia & co-founder of Julia Computing (

  • Julia's Pkg – Design & Rationale
Steve Lasker

Steve is a PM Architect for Registries at Microsoft, an OCI TOB member and OCI Artifacts maintainer. Prior to joining Microsoft, Steve worked in software consulting and broadcast engineering, where he learned the balance of designing reliable, performant, available, secure and usable systems.
Steve can be found on Twitter @SteveLasker and his blog @

  • OCI Artifacts: Using Container Registries for Any Cloud Native Artifact
Steven! Ragnarök

Steven! is a software developer and Linux system administrator who has been steadfastly running Linux through his computer science and mathematics education, web development career, and now as a Software Engineer leading the computer infrastructure team at Open Robotics. Steven!'s experience with Linux began on Slackware 9, where package management was a feature conspicuously absent from the installed system.

  • Welcome + Keynote
  • Automated packaging for multiple platforms: Successes and lessons learned while packaging ROS
Thomas Kluyver

Thomas has worked on Python packaging tools, including creating Flit, and been involved in discussions to establish interoperability standards such as PEP 517.

  • Changes in Python packaging – what downstream packagers need to know
Todd Gamblin

Todd Gamblin is a Senior Principal MTS in Livermore Computing's Advanced Technology Office at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. He created Spack, a popular open source HPC package management tool with a rapidly growing community of contributors. He leads the Packaging Technologies Project in the U.S. Exascale Computing Project, LLNL's DevRAMP project on developer productivity, and an LLNL Strategic Research Initiative on software integration and dependency management. His research interests include dependency management, software engineering, parallel computing, performance measurement, and performance analysis.

  • Beyond version solving: implementing general package solvers with Answer Set Programming
  • Panel: Package Manager Convergence: What Stands in the Way?
  • Welcome + Keynote
Tomas Beuzen

Tomas Beuzen is a data scientist and educator based in Sydney, Australia. He has a background in coastal engineering and climate science and was a teaching fellow in the Master of Data Science program (Vancouver Option) at the University of British Columbia. Tomas currently works as a data scientist in the renewable energy sector and enjoys spending his free time developing open-source, educational data science material, and using data science to solve problems in the natural and engineered world.

  • A practical and modern approach to Python packaging
Tomas Tomecek

packaging and integration wizardry

  • Integrating upstream projects to Fedora Linux
Tom Mens

Prof. Dr. Tom Mens obtained a PhD in Science in 1999 at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium. He is full professor at the University of Mons in Belgium, where he directs the Software Engineering Lab. His research interests include software evolution, quality and health management of software ecosystems, and open source software analytics. He published numerous highly-cited scientific articles in peer-reviewed international software engineering conferences and journals. He is project leader of the joint Belgian FNRS-FWO Excellence of Science project SECOAssist “Automated Assistance for Developing Software in Ecosystems of the Future”.

  • Comparing semantic versioning practices in Cargo, npm, Packagist and Rubygems
Tony Worm

  • Go mod's lesser known features for supply chain security
Tully Foote

Tully Foote is the Community and Business Development Manager at Open Robotics. He started his career working on autonomous cars for the DARPA Grand Challenges. From there he worked on ROS at Willow Garage and later Open Robotics in many different roles including active development of the ROS buildfarm. He has worked on a large variety of systems for indoor, outdoor, marine, aviation, and space. Two creations he’s known for are the tf transform library and the TurtleBot.

  • Automated packaging for multiple platforms: Successes and lessons learned while packaging ROS
Tzu-ping Chung

Tzu-ping builds his career around open source software, and enjoys committing his efforts to help make the world better. He builds all kinds of software for a living, from embedded system to single-page web applications, and contributes to the community when he can.

TP is currently employed by Astronomer to work on the Apache Airflow project. Most of his off-time is spent improving Python’s packaging landscape, organising PyCon Taiwan, and building software with Python and other modern technologies. He loves (human) languages, and knows probably too much about linguistics and phonetics to make him welcome in parties.

  • Python Packaging: Why Don’t You Just…?
Vinícius Salazar

PhD student at The University of Melbourne and Python developer.

  • Python Packaging and Publishing - Carpentries Incubator lesson
Wolf Vollprecht

Wolf Vollprecht is a Technical Director at QuantStack. QuantStack is a small open source software consulting company that mostly works on scientific open source software.
Wolf spends most of his time working on the mamba package manager, and as part of the conda-forge core team. Mamba is a fast, cross-platform and language agnostic package manager that works with conda packages.

  • conda-forge, (lib)mamba & libsolv: universal and reusable parts
  • Panel: Package Manager Convergence: What Stands in the Way?
  • Welcome + Keynote

The author of, Xe is the Archmage of Infrastructure at Tailscale. They have written many articles about Nix and NixOS at both beginner and expert levels. They are passionate about making computers understandable and have

  • How Nix and NixOS Get So Close to Perfect
Zbigniew Jędrzejewski-Szmek

python, systemd, fedora linux

  • Package information on ELF objects