PyCon LT 2022

Matthias Valvekens

Matthias is a former research mathematician turned software engineer, with about a decade of Python experience. He is passionate about FOSS, and takes a particular interest in digital signature technology. His day job is in the digital documents industry, where he contributes very actively to the development of international standards related to PDF.

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Bringing digital signatures and PKI to the masses with Python
Matthias Valvekens

The situation of the past two years has served as a catalyst for further digitalisation of all sorts of administrative processes all over the world. In virtually all of these processes, public-key infrastructure (PKI) plays an important role.

In this talk, you'll get a crash course on what the modern PKI landscape looks like, and on the role that Python can play in making digital signing workflows accessible to a wide range of users in a responsible manner.

Python Room