PyCon LT 2022

Pēteris Ratnieks

During school years I participated in mathematics and programming contests with good results.
Then worked as a programmer for 3 years in a blockchain startup (not scam).
Moved to Vilnius and did intensive spiritual practice (Falun Dafa) for one year.
Have been working as a programmer for 1.5 years at ZealiD.
Now I believe technology is harming humans and we should all stop programming.


A new framework for testing
Pēteris Ratnieks

We propose a new method of testing that seems to work really well, but is not formalized in any way. It has been applied in 3 projects of which 2 were serious business (the other is a hackathon project).

No existing testing framework (python or otherwise) embraces this approach, but the core of the idea fits in 50 lines of code.

Python Room