PyCon LT 2022

Philippe de Meulenaer

I am working as a freelance consultant MLOps engineer at Deloitte. I have worked 6+ years in banking world, after having completed my PhD in Astrophysics. I am very interested in machine learning and cloud technologies such as the ones developed at Databricks (usually on Azure and AWS), and enjoy experimenting new things. Outside of work, I love doing some stargazing out there in the cold weather of Lithuania :)

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MLOps: challenges faced when deploying machine learning models to production
Philippe de Meulenaer

Deploying a machine learning model to production the right way is not a trivial task, and involves many components. This talk aims first to walk the listener through the realm of MLOps by reviewing the typical challenges faced when deploying machine learning models, and then to flesh out a mature MLOps setup using the Databricks platform.

PyData Room