PyCon LT 2022

MLOps with FastAPI, RabbitMQ and Kubernetes using Skipper
05-27, 10:00–11:00 (Europe/Vilnius), Main Room

This session is about a simple and flexible ML microservices engine called Skipper. It is open source solution and it runs on Python. During this technical session, you will learn how to run FastAPI endpoints on Kubernetes and enable microservices communication through RabbitMQ with Python API. Besides technical info, the author will share why he was inspired to build this solution and how he participates in Python community.

What topics define your talk the best?

python, open source, web dev, data science, machine learning, dev ops, best practices

Andrej Baranovskij is a TensorFlow-certified developer who runs his own machine learning startup company Katana ML. Andrej is responsible for building machine learning products for enterprise operations automation. Previously, he spent 15 years working with Oracle technology and building various enterprise systems across the globe. His software development experience allows bridging a gap between machine learning and software development.