PyCon LT 2022

Py:Script: could it be used as a frontend framework?
05-27, 14:30–15:00 (Europe/Vilnius), Python Room

A few weeks ago, Py:Script was announced. This means that Python can now run in the browser, no transpiling or compiling of any kind needed.

This is great news but does it mean we will now be able to run well-known Python web frameworks in the browser? Or maybe we need to make schmol adjustments in order to make it work?

PyScript is new and somewhat revolutionary. One question that usually comes after that is "Can we run Django/Pyramid/\<plug you favorite framework here> as a frontend framework?"

The short answer is no. Python web frameworks center a lot around the request/response cycle which doesn't happen in a frontend framework. There are also other issues, like file access. This doesn't mean that we cannot re-use existing tools that were developed for the backend and use them in a frontend framework.

This talk will look at what a usual frontend framework provides and whether Python and Py:Script can provide the same functionalities.

We will also take a look at a Proof-Of-Concept library that tries to provide those features.

What topics define your talk the best?

python, web dev

Long-time pythonista, Django fan, co-maintainer and co-author of DRF-Schema-Adapter and other OSS libraries.
Interested in both backend and frontend.

I am from Belgium and have been involved in open-source at different levels for over a 15 years.

One of the things I enjoy the most is sharing knowledge with others. And this is why I enjoy writing tutorials as well as giving talks and workshops.