PyCon LT 2022

How we taught a.i. to schools in Finland, Malta, Kaunas
05-27, 13:30–13:55 (Europe/Vilnius), Workshop Room

School of Robotics (VšĮ Robotikos mokykla) has been looking for ways to teach a.i. for the younger generation for many years. After receiving Erasmus+ grant and gathering an international team - we have made 3 distinct courses mostly using Python. One - to control robotic arm for pick and place tasks on a conveyor belt. Another to make computer game characters using Unity ML Agents. And the third to use NVIDIA Jetbot robotic cars with cameras for self driving experiments.

A.i. based tools are gaining popularity and acceptance. Many are starting to request them in most work situations. This made a.i. programmers most sought after. At the same time a.i. development tools and hardware have become more forgiving and easier to implement. This allowed our organization to write courses of making actual computer vision applications with real world scenarios that are approachable for vocational school students starting from 9th grade.

In this talk we will share our impressions with making the courses and testing them. We will share the structure of the parts that we have written using Unity ML Agents and using Python in Unity.

We will also share the access to the courses free for educational use at

Leader of School of Robotics (VšĮ Robotikos mokykla). Project manager of hardware and software projects. Currently building autonomous boats and a.i. solutions for advertising.