Grzegorz Skibinski

Grzegorz Skibinski has around 10 years of experience in various data-related roles. Through 4 different countries, several different businesses he amassed a lot of knowledge working on different steps of the supply chain of data products. From working on quick Ad-Hoc solutions to sustainable data infrastructure.

His programming journey started with java, and then developed into python, and various data-crunching technologies. Grzegorz worked and managed SQL, NoSQL, structured, unstructured DBMS-s. He specializes in PySpark, pandas, and Dask solutions. He worked with various different schedulers but most recently airflow became his favored.

On top of that Grzegorz is a ninja - doing ninjutsu, and various other martial arts since he was 7 years old.


5 Recipes to Fashionable Airflow Data Engineering Pipelines
MENG Qiang, Dahmane Sheikh, Grzegorz Skibinski

Live broadcast:

Apache Airflow has become one of the most popular data toolings. Due to its high
complexity, it could be challenging for all teams and companies. For example, how to
effectively construct an orchestrate architecture on diverse cloud platforms, how to
productively accelerate your engineering and machine learning workload at scale, and how
to smartly decouple your Python codebase for professional testing and easy maintenance.

Data Science, AI, and Machine Learning