Abdur-Rahmaan Janhangeer

Independent Software Developer, with a liking for Flask. laskCon andPython Mauritius Usergroup organising member.

  • Advanced Flask: Recipes For An All-weather Craft
Alen Jacob

Alen Jacob is a Machine Learning Engineer at H&M and have a Masters' Degree in Computational Linguistics.

  • Airflow 2.0 for ML pipelines – design, implementation and management
Alexander Hultnér

Alex is a freelancing consultant and speaker via Hultnér Technologies AB. He's been hacking on hardware and software since early childhood and loves to solve problems. Python has been his primary focus for the past 6 years.

He is an avid speaker who's recently been a keynote-speaker PyCon SE and BelPy, and also spoken at PyCon US, EuroPython, Python Web Conference, PiterPy, FlaskCon, Python Pizza, various other conferences. Some of his recent talks are available at YouTube.

Alongside consulting he's performing workshops and courses. He's currently making an online course on Property-Based Testing in Python.

  • Unpack Python Packages 📦 – Deep dive into the wheels of python packaging
Alexey Isavnin

Alexey is a senior software developer at Elisa Automate (Finland) where he builds automation solutions for mobile networks. He also holds a Ph.D. degree in space physics and is a founder of Rays of Space company, which provides space research software for the European Space Agency and several universities. In his spare time, he develops Refereed, a web editor for scientific writing.

  • Keynote - Managing cloud infrastructure as code in Python
Alfonso de la Guarda

CTO and Technology Architect for Veo365.com , Prix.tips, Scraprix.com, Prixlead and Machinalix.
Old School Hacker.
Computer Science, Anthropology and Social Communicator.
Game and low level programmer since 1983, starting with CBM 64 and Amiga through the most important computer technologies, operating systems and programming languages.
Community Developer for Be Inc (Beos).
Community Developer for OLPC Project.
Free Software and Open Source guy.
Linux fan since 1997, with implementations from basic network servers until flight simulators for defense.
Technology consultant for many institutions, including Peruvian Army, EsSalud, SISOL, SALUDPOL and Health Ministry of Chile.

  • Architecture for the extraction, automation and massive data processing

Machine learning engineer at H&M group ,with applied mathematics and data engineering background

  • Dynamic resource allocation for machine learning jobs at H&M Group
Aroma Rodrigues

Aroma Rodrigues is a master's student at UMass Amherst. She believes that Automation is the path to Inclusion. In 2016, a teammate of her "Shoes for the Visually Impaired" project presented it at the FOSSASIA. She reads, writes and enjoys walking to explore places. She presently works in a financial services firm and believes that solving problems that she has would solve problems for a large chunk of the world. An ML enthusiast she has about 20+ Coursera Certifications with the respective project work to support her learning in that field. She presented a talk on “De-mystifying Terms and Conditions using NLP” at PyCon 2018 and a talk called “Propaganda Detection in Fake News using Natural Language Processing” at PyCon ZA 2019 in Johannesburg. She spoke on detecting gender roles based biases in school textbooks at PyOhio 2020.

  • Is the news media polarized? Or are we conditioned to think it is?
Carolina J. Säll

Hello fellow pythonistas! 👋🏼

I’m Carolina, a part of PyLadies Stockholm. I work as a developer at 46elks, love problem solving in design, code and life! Like meeting new people and is curious about almost everything on this planet.
Just started out learning Python and love that there’s a whole community here to encourage and support each other 👏🏼

  • Build an answering machine with Flask 📞
Cheuk Ting Ho

After spending 5 years doing computational research in Physics, Cheuk has transferred her analytical and logical skills in natural science and built a career in data science. Cheuk has been a Data Scientist in various companies. To follow her passion for the tech community, now Cheuk is the Developer Relations Lead at TerminusDB. Cheuk maintains its Python client and engages with its user community daily.

Cheuk enjoys talking about Python in streaming and podcast. Cheuk has also been a guest speaker at Universities and various conferences. Cheuk also participates as the organizer for EuroPython, PyData Global and Pyjamas Conf. Believing in gender equality, Cheuk constantly organizes workshops to support Tech Diversity and Inclusion. In 2021, Cheuk has become a Python Software Foundation fellow.

  • Keynote - The best way to learn Python - for the absolute beginners and improvers
Christine Winter

Volunteer and organizer of PyCon Sweden and PyLadies Stockholm.
Software Engineer at H&M.

  • Closing PyCon Sweden 2021
  • Closing Day 1 PyCon Sweden 2021
  • Opening PyCon Sweden 2021
Coen de Groot

I am an independent Python trainer and developer with decades' coding experience. On my LinkedIn profile I describe myself like this:

I am a snake wrestler, taming Python to my will, writing code which delivers. A snake charmer, revealing this elegant creature, delivering Python training.

I have worked with startups in the renewable energy sector, on a charity's website supporting their multi-million pound fundraising campaign, the data pipeline of an innovative entertainment venue, a consumer website for expecting parents, and many others. I teach Python to developers from across the world in large corporations, government organisations and ambitious start ups.

As an introvert I can isolate and concentrate for hours and days writing complex code. And I have well developed social and communication skills. Trained as a personal and business coach, I have chaired six conferences, have written many articles, and have recorded five 90-minute training videos.

  • Pro Python tips for Data Analysts
Dahmane Sheikh

Hey, I am Dahmane Sheikh, Data Engineer at heart, I am passionate about Data Analytics & Engineering projects that drive digital transformation in organizations.

I am also the founder of Analytics Minded, a company helping organisations leverage Big Data using a fusion of art & engineering to develop robust and scalable solutions.

  • 5 Recipes to Fashionable Airflow Data Engineering Pipelines
David Andersson

Machine Learning Engineer at H&M Group Business Tech. I work in the Research & Exploration team.

  • Zero To Hero Tutorial on a Deep Learning Classification Task
Emir Uz

Senior Data Scientist at CGI with 14 years experience serving London start-ups and scale-ups.

  • Towards causality without the use of controlled experiments in e-commerce
Érico Andrei

After some time being a developer advocate for the Dark Side™, Érico Andrei discovered Python and improved his karma. Over the last 17 years he founded two companies, worked for many startups, helped the Brazilian government to maintain their portals using Open Source solutions, and chaired the Brazilian PyCon. Érico is also a Python Software Foundation Fellow, and current Plone Foundation Vice-President.

  • Keynote - Not fading away: A tale about a 20-year old Python project
Gajendra Deshpande

I hold M.Tech. in Computer Science and Engineering and PG Diploma in Cyber Law and Cyber Forensics from National Law School of India University, Bengaluru India. I have presented talks/posters/papers at prestigious conferences including JuliaCon, London, PyCon France, PyCon Hong Kong, PyCon Taiwan, COSCUP Taiwan, PyCon Africa, BuzzConf Argentina, EuroPython, PiterPy Russia, SciPy USA, SciPy India, NIT Goa, and IIT Gandhi Nagar. Worked as a Reviewer and Program Committee member for reputed International conferences including SciPy USA, SciPy Japan, JuliaCon, JupyterCon, PyData Global, and PyCon India, and publishers include Manning USA and Oxford Univesity Press. I am also a GitHub Certified Campus Advisor. I lead the PyData Belagavi chapter and the OWASP Belagavi chapter.

  • Security considerations in Python Packaging
Georgios Deligiorgis

My name is Georgios Deligiorgis and I'm a Machine Learning Engineer working at H&M Group. I'm part of the AI Exploration and Research Team focusing on enabling new use-cases, implement and evaluate Proof of Concepts and research, investigate and improve new models. I'm currently attending in parallel my second MSc in Decision Analysis and Data Science from Stockholm University. I already have obtained an MSc in Machine Learning from the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) and a BSc in Physics from the University of Crete (UOC). The field of my interest is Deep Learning and how to use it to solve complex and difficult problems.

  • Zero To Hero Tutorial on a Deep Learning Classification Task
Grzegorz Skibinski

Grzegorz Skibinski has around 10 years of experience in various data-related roles. Through 4 different countries, several different businesses he amassed a lot of knowledge working on different steps of the supply chain of data products. From working on quick Ad-Hoc solutions to sustainable data infrastructure.

His programming journey started with java, and then developed into python, and various data-crunching technologies. Grzegorz worked and managed SQL, NoSQL, structured, unstructured DBMS-s. He specializes in PySpark, pandas, and Dask solutions. He worked with various different schedulers but most recently airflow became his favored.

On top of that Grzegorz is a ninja - doing ninjutsu, and various other martial arts since he was 7 years old.

  • 5 Recipes to Fashionable Airflow Data Engineering Pipelines
Gunnar Grosch

Gunnar is a Senior Developer Advocate at Amazon Web Services (AWS) based in Sweden. He has previously worked as both a frontend and backend developer, as an operations engineer within cloud infrastructure, and as a technical trainer, in addition to several different management roles.

With a focus on building reliable and robust serverless applications, Gunnar has been one of the driving forces in creating techniques and tools for using chaos engineering in serverless. He regularly and passionately speaks at events on these and other serverless topics around the world.

Gunnar is also deeply involved in the developer community by organizing User Groups and Meetups in the Nordics, as well as being an organizer of ServerlessDays conferences.

  • Defining cloud infrastructure as Python with AWS CDK
Harsh Mittal

I am currently working as Computer Vision Engineer at Asteria Aerospace and working on developing advanced capability drones. I am interested in the field of Embedded systems, IoT and AI. I also try to write blogs, create YouTube videos and give talks.

PyCon India 2020 Talk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0zTF9Yi_igg

Portfolio: www.harshmittal.tech

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/harshmittal2210

Github: www.github.com/harshmittal2210

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCy7od6BxAv0NeVZ09CDhuFw

Medium: https://harshmittal2210.medium.com/

  • Build custom robot in ROS
Igor Mosyagin

I did a double PhD in Theoretical Physics and Materials science and then decided it's too much science so now I'm doing Data Engineering at Klarna. I still have a passion for studying things thoroughly and my talks usually have some references to scientific research and things like that, but that's just how I prefer to learn about things

  • self.tracking and self.improving using your habits with python ecosystem and low-code tools
Jialun Song

Machine learning engineer at H&M Group. Prior to working, he has done his master thesis project at H&M Group on this exact topic - resource allocation for machine learning jobs.

  • Dynamic resource allocation for machine learning jobs at H&M Group
Kushal Das

Kushal Das is a CPython core developer and also a director at the Python Software Foundation. He also part of the Tor Project Core team. One of the maintainer of SecureDrop, and author of various other Free Software tools. He founded Linux Users' Group of Durgapur back in 2004 with a goal of helping people to become upstream contributors. He regularly blogs at https://kushaldas.in

  • Writing Python extensions in Rust
Lennart Fridén

Lennart is one of Agical's experienced consultants, hailing from Stockholm, Sweden.

In addition to being a polyglot developer partial to dynamic programming languages such as Elixir, Ruby, and Python, he is also an avid mob programmer, excessive tea drinker, utter horse lover, and tabletop roleplaying game fanatic.

He is currently working as a developer and team coach at Funnel, sharing code concepts and puns in equal measures.

  • Rules Rule (Creating and Using a Rules Engine)
Lini Jose

Lini Jose is a Machine Learning Engineer at H&M.

  • Airflow 2.0 for ML pipelines – design, implementation and management
Magnus Perman

Magnus works as Data Science Tech Lead for the Swedish company Nexer.
Magnus holds a M.Sc. in Computer Science and has over 15 years experience of working with different clients and delivered solutions within the areas of Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing, Analytics and Data Science. Magnus has worked for global clients within Retail, Media and Industry.
He has been a speaker at the Data and Analytics Summit in San Francisco 2017 and 2018 and at various other conferences in Sweden. In his free time, other than spending time with his family and friends, he likes to play tennis and padel.

  • Infrastructure as code for Data Science using Python
Marco Trincavelli

Marco Trincavelli received both his BSc degree (2003) and his MSc degree (2006) in computer engineering from the Politecnico di Milano, Milan, Italy. He additionally received an MSc degree in electrical engineering and computer science from the Lund Tekniska Högskola, Lund, Sweden, in 2006. From 2010–2013, after receiving his Ph.D. in Computer Science from Örebro University in Sweden (2010), he served as a postdoc at the Center for Applied Autonomous Sensor Systems, Örebro University, Örebro, Sweden.

From 2014-2018, he worked at Scania CV AB, designing the perception system of autonomous trucks. He then moved to Raysearch Laboratories AB, where he worked on applying machine learning to radiation therapy planning, and now works as Principal Data Scientist at H&M Group GBC AB, where he drives the research initiatives in artificial intelligence. His research interests include artificial intelligence, machine learning, mathematical optimization, and robotics.

  • Zero To Hero Tutorial on a Deep Learning Classification Task
Marcus Näslund

Passionate about programming, technology, education, and mathematics.
Working as a software engineer, previously at Klarna in Stockholm, currently a teacher of IT.
Believes everything in life is an optimization problem.

  • Python++? Here's how, and why not
Maria Paskevich

I am a Data Scientist at King.com.
I've been working in game dev for 6+ years on a lot of well-known mobile titles (such as Cut the Rope, Candy Crush Soda etc). I'm passionate about bringing data perspective to improve users' experience.
As a Data Scientist I'm interested in topics such as segmentation and personalisation, explainable ML models, A/B testing, optimization, and Bayesian statistics.

  • Using optimal decision making tools for balancing in-game economies
Md Tahseen Anam

I am a machine learning enthusiast and currently working at H&M as a machine learning engineer. I have done my master's thesis at Husqvarna AB on machine learning and computer vision. Before that I have worked as a software engineer for three years and developed web application using python web-frameworks.

  • Implementing Mask RCNN to identify defects in wood cuts and understand wood hardiness
MENG Qiang

Qiang is a data engineer leading a team involved in building future data platforms across the entire fashion value chain from design and production to customer experience. Qiang has over 8 years of experience in creating enterprise analytics products applying Python, Spark, Airflow, and Cloud Services (AWS, GCP, and Databricks).

In the past, Qiang also shared his understanding of Data and AI in Global Summits (Data+AI Summit Europe 2020, Data Innovation Summit 2021, Pycon SE 2021, etc.). In addition, Qiang is a fashion lover and a part-time fashion designer.

  • 5 Recipes to Fashionable Airflow Data Engineering Pipelines
Natalia Beylina

Datascientist at Åhléns, Ph.D. (math)

  • Fullstack datascientist v.2021 (how much of software engineering should a modern datascientist know)
Natalia Pipas

Natalia is a Data Engineer from Brazil with a passion for learning new things and eating cookies. Currently working at Bol.com, she started developing in Python in 2014 and has been solving big data issues in different industries since then.

  • First steps to learn Pyspark
Nitin Bisht

Nitin Bisht is a Software Engineer at H&M.

  • Airflow 2.0 for ML pipelines – design, implementation and management
Olle Green

Olle is currently working within forecasting at Amazon in London, using time series analysis, classification and deep learning to optimise demand planning. He presented last year at PyCon Sweden 2020, talking about: “The worlds most powerful NLP algorithm: GPT-3” and its use for commercial and enterprise applications. On the side of work, he has written and published a kids book that was written using a machine learning NLP model (amzn.to/3gjdkxg). His new years resolution is to remember 100 decimals of Pi, current PB: 56.

  • Make it Simple - Machine Learning in Time Series Forecasting - Development to Deployment with Python
Omar Sanseviero

Omar Sanseviero is a Machine Learning engineer with 7 years of experience. Currently he works at Hugging Face in the Open Source team democratizing the usage of Machine Learning. Previously, Omar worked as a Software Engineer at Google in the teams of Assistant and TensorFlow Graphics. Omar is passionate towards education and co-founded AI Learners, a Spanish-speaking community of people that want to learn about AI and its different applications.

  • Building Machine Learning demos with Python
Pratibha Jagnere

Pratibha is an enthusiast Pythoniasta, passionate for coding and books. Through her PyCon talks, she love to explore and share new things she learn in Python and Django.

  • Django security against OWASP top 10
Ravi Singh

I am a Data Scientist at HBOMax EMEA WarnerMedia developing predictive models and influencing and driving the way the marketing team consumes data and insights through highly usable and visual data analysis products. I have spoken at PyCon Sweden 2019 and 2020 on the topics
- Making sense of ML Black Box: Interpreting ML Models Using SHAP.
- Getting grip of handling imbalanced dataset

Apart from that I moderated ML panel discussion during Pycon Sweden 2020.

  • Solving one of marketer’s biggest challenges using markov chain

Raza Balbale is currently a Snr. Architect/ Manager at Cognizant Technology Solutions, US - part of the Connected Products BU's Product Engineering Team. He frequently uses Python as part of his DevOps / acceleration toolkit.

  • Zaunic : Acceleration Simplified with Python
Sanskar Jethi

Software Engineer @Bloomberg London. Creator of Robyn and encrypt3xt. Co-founder of Mexili Org

  • Robyn: An async python web framework with a Rust runtime
Scott Zhou

Scott Zhou is a competence lead for Machine Learning Engineers at H&M and a Machine Learning Engineer himself.

  • Airflow 2.0 for ML pipelines – design, implementation and management
Sefik Ilkin Serengil

Serengil received his MSc in Computer Science from Galatasaray University in 2011.

He has been working as a software engineer since 2010 for a fintech company.

He enjoys to contribute open source. He is the creator of deepface and chefboost. Those are popular python libraries already got thousand of stars, and hundred thousands of installations.

  • Building a Highly Scalable Facial Recognition Pipelines
Sergei Beilin

Ph.D. in mathematics.
Independent software engineering consultant, solutions architect, focusing mostly on event-driven systems and industrializing AI solutions.
Previously worked in research and eduction. Taught 200+ students Python before it became mainstream :)

  • Fullstack datascientist v.2021 (how much of software engineering should a modern datascientist know)
Steven Chien

Volunteer and organizer of PyCon Sweden. Ph.D. student in High-Performance Computing and Visualization at KTH Royal Institute of Technology.

  • Closing PyCon Sweden 2021
Tal Ben-Nun

Tal is a senior researcher with the Scalable Parallel Computing Laboratory at ETH Zurich, Switzerland. His research interests include designing programming models for heterogeneous architectures, large-scale machine learning for scientific computing, and learnable representations of code.

  • Keynote - Bridging Productivity, Portability, and Performance with Data-Centric Python
Tamara Thornquist
  • Panel - Careers with Python
Tiago Bacciotti Moreira

Tiago Bacciotti Moreira is currently a professor of the Information Systems course at UEMG Ituiutaba Unit since 2010. He has a master's degree in Education, Gamification focus area and is a PHD candidate from the Universidad de Rosario (Argentina). He has experience in the IT area, working in the area since 2007.

Complete information and links at: https://www.baciotti.com.br

  • Python as an OOP teaching tool in the Information Systems course at the State University of Minas Gerais (Brazil)
Victoria Wagman

Developer at 46elks.
editor of choice: vim.
Three more words.

  • Build an answering machine with Flask 📞