Coen de Groot

I am an independent Python trainer and developer with decades' coding experience. On my LinkedIn profile I describe myself like this:

I am a snake wrestler, taming Python to my will, writing code which delivers. A snake charmer, revealing this elegant creature, delivering Python training.

I have worked with startups in the renewable energy sector, on a charity's website supporting their multi-million pound fundraising campaign, the data pipeline of an innovative entertainment venue, a consumer website for expecting parents, and many others. I teach Python to developers from across the world in large corporations, government organisations and ambitious start ups.

As an introvert I can isolate and concentrate for hours and days writing complex code. And I have well developed social and communication skills. Trained as a personal and business coach, I have chaired six conferences, have written many articles, and have recorded five 90-minute training videos.


Pro Python tips for Data Analysts
Coen de Groot

Live stream:

What can a developer teach a data analyst about data analysis?
A few lines of Python code may be enough to solve a tricky data cleaning challenge.
Functions can stop you from getting lost in many copies of very similar code.
Tips for writing larger programs without tearing your hair out.
Start writing code which is still useful in years to come, and which evolves without degrading into a big mess
I will share examples of how I've used pure Python in my data analysis and give you simple tips on applying software development best practices to your code.

Data Science, AI, and Machine Learning