Gunnar Grosch

Gunnar is a Senior Developer Advocate at Amazon Web Services (AWS) based in Sweden. He has previously worked as both a frontend and backend developer, as an operations engineer within cloud infrastructure, and as a technical trainer, in addition to several different management roles.

With a focus on building reliable and robust serverless applications, Gunnar has been one of the driving forces in creating techniques and tools for using chaos engineering in serverless. He regularly and passionately speaks at events on these and other serverless topics around the world.

Gunnar is also deeply involved in the developer community by organizing User Groups and Meetups in the Nordics, as well as being an organizer of ServerlessDays conferences.


Defining cloud infrastructure as Python with AWS CDK
Gunnar Grosch

Live stream:

Configuration files used to manage Infrastructure as Code are traditionally implemented as YAML or JSON text files and are missing most of the advantages of modern programming languages. Wouldn't it be better to use the expressive power of Python to define your cloud infrastructure? The AWS Cloud Development Kit (AWS CDK) is an open-source framework from AWS that enables developers to harness the full power of modern programming languages to define reusable cloud components and provision applications built from those components using AWS CloudFormation. In this session, we'll quickly cover the basic concepts of the CDK, and then we'll spend the majority of our time building a serverless application with the CDK. We'll show you how to use the CDK to assemble your AWS infrastructure using the Python CDK quickly.

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