self.tracking and self.improving using your habits with python ecosystem and low-code tools
10-22, 11:00–11:25 (Europe/Stockholm), Software

Live stream:

A brief overview on how the python ecosystem can be used to build things that would help you to boost your skills and build a next major/minor version of yourself. I'll showcase a few approaches and mathematical model for motivation and how one can build tools to help you lower the resistance of doing those things you think you need to be doing more often

There is a trend of modern time-tracking and self-improving screaming at you from every corner and messing up with your plans to watch the latest season of Rick & Morty. In this talk I want to show how one can use python [and a few other middle-code/low-code tools] so that you can have easier time tracking your habits and personal skills and plans. We will go through building a simple dashboard and how one can approach a side project like that

I did a double PhD in Theoretical Physics and Materials science and then decided it's too much science so now I'm doing Data Engineering at Klarna. I still have a passion for studying things thoroughly and my talks usually have some references to scientific research and things like that, but that's just how I prefer to learn about things