Advanced Flask: Recipes For An All-weather Craft
10-21, 10:30–10:55 (Europe/Stockholm), Software

Live stream:

Flask is favoured for prototyping. It is easy to set up and run. However, choosing Flask as your main 'cheval de bataille', be it a company or individual, requires solid grounding. Flask lets you choose your own ingredients, which lights up the joy of coding but bites if not being careful. This talk covers the standard techniques not to be missed as well as new audacious ones used to help manage BIG codebases.

Flask is great, lean and up to the point. A full blown Flask app presents challenges which time and again causes you to change your codebase. When embarking on Flask projects, people rarely think about having an advanded, simple setup to begin with which fines them along the road. That's why it is imperative to have a great base to start with.

For companies choosing Flask as their flagship would want to lay out the groundwork with as much foresight as one can. This talk focuses on twerking the factory pattern to perfection, building painless modules for very organised codebases; going far beyond blueprints, integrating flask-restx with the overall structure, using celery as an integration testcase. It also covers nice-to-haves like the best way to handle migrations, implementing a theming system as well as JWT mechanics.

A short 25 mins, feature-packed talk featuring years of usage experience.

Independent Software Developer, with a liking for Flask. laskCon andPython Mauritius Usergroup organising member.