Keynote - The best way to learn Python - for the absolute beginners and improvers
10-22, 13:00–14:00 (Europe/Stockholm), Main Track

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The best way to learn Python - for the absolute beginners and improvers by Cheuk Ting Ho, Developer Relations Lead at TerminusDB, Python Software Foundation Fellow, organizer of EuroPython

In the 2021 StackOverflow survey, Python remains the most wanted programming language (5 years in a row). As a Pythonista, I have been asked many times about what is the best way to learn Python. There are many resources, especially online, free or paid, that is available.

From working as a data scientist to become an open-source developer, I would like to sum up my Python learning experience to make recommendations to different groups of people. Whether you are an absolute beginner with no programming experience, a beginner with other programming language experience or a beginner in Python who wants to get better and know more about the language, you will get an idea of how to use Python at a whole new level.

After spending 5 years doing computational research in Physics, Cheuk has transferred her analytical and logical skills in natural science and built a career in data science. Cheuk has been a Data Scientist in various companies. To follow her passion for the tech community, now Cheuk is the Developer Relations Lead at TerminusDB. Cheuk maintains its Python client and engages with its user community daily.

Cheuk enjoys talking about Python in streaming and podcast. Cheuk has also been a guest speaker at Universities and various conferences. Cheuk also participates as the organizer for EuroPython, PyData Global and Pyjamas Conf. Believing in gender equality, Cheuk constantly organizes workshops to support Tech Diversity and Inclusion. In 2021, Cheuk has become a Python Software Foundation fellow.