Keynote - Not fading away: A tale about a 20-year old Python project
10-21, 13:00–14:00 (Europe/Stockholm), Main Track

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Not fading away: A tale about a 20-year old Python project By Érico Andrei, Python Software Foundation Fellow, Plone Foundation Vice-President

The Plone CMS is one of the oldest, and most successful open source stories of the Python community. Created by Alex Limi and Alan Runyan in 1999 to be a better UI for Zope, the project grew to be a very stable and secure solution, used by governments, corporations and NGO's to power their public sites and intranets. The community surrounding Plone has been the key to keeping the project alive. This talk will focus on the community itself, and how meeting technical and organizational challenges it has adapted and evolved to avoid fading away.

After some time being a developer advocate for the Dark Side™, Érico Andrei discovered Python and improved his karma. Over the last 17 years he founded two companies, worked for many startups, helped the Brazilian government to maintain their portals using Open Source solutions, and chaired the Brazilian PyCon. Érico is also a Python Software Foundation Fellow, and current Plone Foundation Vice-President.