Robyn: An async python web framework with a Rust runtime
10-21, 11:00–11:25 (Europe/Stockholm), Software

Live stream:

Python web frameworks, like Flask, Quartz, Tornado, and Twisted, are
increasingly important for writing high-performance web applications. However, even they posit some bottlenecks either due to their synchronous nature or due to the usage of python runtime. Most of them don’t have the ability to speed themselves due to their dependence on *SGIs. This is where Robyn comes in. Robyn tries to achieve near-native Rust throughput along with the benefit of writing code in Python. In this talk, we will learn more about Robyn. From what is Robyn to the development in Robyn.

Robyn is a web framework written with a runtime written in Rust. Robyn tries to achieve near-native rust performance. This talk will demonstrate the reason why Robyn was created, some of the technical decisions taken behind Robyn, the increased performance by using the rust runtime, and most importantly, how to use Robyn to develop web apps.
Finally, I will be sharing the future plans of Robyn and would love to get feedback from the developers to see what they would like to see in it.

Software Engineer @Bloomberg London. Creator of Robyn and encrypt3xt. Co-founder of Mexili Org