Unpack Python Packages 📦 – Deep dive into the wheels of python packaging
10-21, 11:30–11:55 (Europe/Stockholm), Software

Live stream: https://youtu.be/kO5Es7KKUIY

This talk provides a hands-on deep-dive into the wheel file format and python packaging. First, we will slash the tire, see what's inside, and then build new wheels from scratch.

You will learn about the inner workings of a crucial part of the Python packaging ecosystem and understand what your tools do behind the covers.

During this talk, we will explore python packaging.
Before we begin our deep dive, I will provide some background and information guiding the audience into where we are today and how we ended up here.

First, we will deconstruct a package and deep dive into the file format. Next, we will learn what makes up a python package, how to create a package from zero, and how to create a small tool from scratch to package up a python project and submit it to PyPI.

Closing up the talk, I will introduce the reader to modern tooling that makes the process painless. The presentation aims to educate the audience in python packaging and demystify what these tools do behind the scenes.
In the end, I'd like to have a Q&A summing up questions.

I will publish all the code and content in a GitHub repository. The idea is that said repository can act as a handy reference guide for the audience whenever they need to look something up related to the python packaging format.

Rough outline, this might be altered slightly
- Introduction
- Presentation of me
- Outline
- Why do we care?
- How?
- Cheatsheet
- What is a Python Package?
- Wheels
- Distribution types
- Crack the egg
- What's wrong with sdist?
- Deconstruct a package (practical/demo)
- Build a package from scratch (practical/demo)
- Package it up (practical/demo)
- Submit to (test) PyPI (practical/demo)
- Modern tooling
- More resources
- Q&A

Alex is a freelancing consultant and speaker via Hultnér Technologies AB. He's been hacking on hardware and software since early childhood and loves to solve problems. Python has been his primary focus for the past 6 years.

He is an avid speaker who's recently been a keynote-speaker PyCon SE and BelPy, and also spoken at PyCon US, EuroPython, Python Web Conference, PiterPy, FlaskCon, Python Pizza, various other conferences. Some of his recent talks are available at YouTube.

Alongside consulting he's performing workshops and courses. He's currently making an online course on Property-Based Testing in Python.