PyConLT 2021

Christian Heimes

Christian is a Python core developer, security engineer and speaker from Hamburg/Germany. He is employed by Red Hat in the security and identity management department. In the Python community he is known for maintaining Python's ssl module and TLS/SSL work. He is also a member of the Python Security Response Team and founding member of the PSF's Diversity & Inclusion working group. Christian is a passionate traveler and enjoys to attend conferences all over the world to meet people.

  • Ask a core developer anything
Deividas Matačiūnas

I have over 5 years of experience working in the data field. Currently, I work as the Data Scientist at IBM, where I build machine learning and deep learning models that are helping companies achieve their AI goals! I'm deeply passionate about Speech recognition and Computer vision applications. In my free time I creating Automatic Speech Recognition for the Lithuanian language.
Previously, I worked at INVL Asset Management as a Data Analyst, improving products and services for our customers by using advanced analytics, setting up data analytical tools (i.e. Qlik Sence), creating and maintaining models, and onboarding new data sets.

  • Fine-tuning large NLP models
Jev Gamper

Jev represents Vinted and Lithuanian AI Association

  • Why care about experiments?
Justinas Kuizinas

Bachelor's degree in IT and Master's degree in Information and Information Technology Security.
Senior software developer and team lead of 9 Python tamers in Corner Case Technologies.
Python evangelist, which loves Flake8, MyPy, and security spice within automated amazing pipelines!
I actually have a toy snake on my work table

  • JWT and OAuth2. Should we reinvent the wheel?
Kostas Jakeliunas


  • ZealiD Quiz
Martynas Saulius

I am a python developer in Oxylabs and most of my time spent there was on system monitoring and improvement of it. Other than that I am just your run of the mill geek, doing things that I like.

  • Keeping your sanity with Python observability
Petras Zdanavičius
  • Professional Python and Web developer
  • Hobbyist game developer
  • Semi-regular PyCon LT speaker
  • Python Integers: nitty-gritty details
Šarūnas Navickas

Python enthusiast working with Natural Language Processing & Generation at TokenMill, interested in vast sea of topics. Occasionally teaching programming and doing Youtube videos at GriaustinisTech.

  • How to do Programming videos
Sebastián Ramírez

Hey! 👋 I'm Sebastián Ramírez (tiangolo), the creator of FastAPI, Typer, and other open source tools.

I'm currently a Staff Software Engineer at Forethought while also helping other companies as an external consultant.🤓

  • Modern Python through FastAPI and friends
Szymon Zaborowski

A data scientist working in the marketing sector. Gained experience both in academia and industry, fascinated with problems that can be solved with data and a little mathematics.

  • Metric Learning for Session-Based Recommendations