PyConLT 2021

Ask a core developer anything
09-03, 16:30–17:30 (Europe/Vilnius), Main

What did you always wanted to know about Python core development,
security, global Python community, or open source development in
generak? You get a chance to have your questions answered by a long-time
Python core developer and professional open source developer. I will
answer your questions live on stage at PyCon Lithuania.

Please file and vote on questions at Pre-submitted
questions give me a chance to research more detailed answers, to select
interesting questions for a broad audience, and to prepare slides. I
will also accept questions during the conference, but I might not be
able to answer your question from the top of my head.

To give you some ideas for topics:

  • Python core development
  • Python security and PSRT
  • Python history, 2 to 3 migration
  • PSF, community and Diversity & Inclusion
  • public speaking, conferences and travel adventures

What topics define your talk the best?

Open Source, Security

Christian is a Python core developer, security engineer and speaker from Hamburg/Germany. He is employed by Red Hat in the security and identity management department. In the Python community he is known for maintaining Python's ssl module and TLS/SSL work. He is also a member of the Python Security Response Team and founding member of the PSF's Diversity & Inclusion working group. Christian is a passionate traveler and enjoys to attend conferences all over the world to meet people.