Python Brasil 2021: Call for Papers

Python Brasil 2022 activities will take place from October 17th to 23rd in presential format in Manaus. As with all previous editions, we will have talks, tutorials and sprints.

Choose a cool title to catch the attention of the participants and that succinctly describes the content of your activity. Please write at most 64 characters.

Talks are theoretical activities. Tutorials are practical activities about technologies, concepts and techniques, taught by a facilitating person, who will be available throughout the activity. Sprints are people gathered around a common goal working as a team. Our goal will be to encourage contributions to open-source projects created and/or maintained by the community.

It is very important to have a defined target audience, as you will have a limited time to present your talk, therefore, you will hardly have time to contextualize an advanced topic so that a beginner can follow its content and still explore it with the depth that your advanced audience craves, in the same way that it will hardly be able to explore a basic and accessible topic to a more beginner audience to the point that it would surprise a more advanced audience. There are participants from different levels and areas at Python Brasil, and your talk will certainly have its specific audience.

This absctract will be published in the announcement of your activity, if it is approved. Write something that draws attention and is explanatory about the content covered. Please write between 150 and 200 characters.

Describe what topics will be covered in your activity, what are the motivations for someone to watch it, everything you think is relevant to be told. It's important to include a "content table", as this will help you organize your time and give you a general idea of the topics you can cover; for example: About me - 5min, Examples - 10min, etc. No need to keep it secret, we need spoilers to understand your activity, and this content will essentially be used in your evaluation, but we won't tell anyone :) Please write between 200 and 1000 characters.

If you have a co-speaker, please add their email address here, and we will invite them to create an account. If you have more than one co-speaker, you can add more speakers after finishing the proposal process.