Andrey Golovin

A passionate OSM contributor from Ukraine. I started mapping in 2009 trying to find the way how to improve the map for navigation. Along with mapping, I've made translation for JOSM, iD, into Ukrainian with a goal to help Ukrainian mappers to have information in their native language. In late 2014, I joined Mapbox where I work in a variety of areas related to improving the map based on OSM data.

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Using OSMCha to understand bad edits
Andrey Golovin, Wille Marcel Lima Malheiro

Protecting OpenStreetMap is a continuous process performed by Mapbox to secure maps from displaying erroneous edits. Any edits that raise suspicion are flagged in OSMCha, an open service that allows to check low-quality changes that are made by the members of the OSM project in a shared database. This not only helps to report our findings to the community but examine them in aggregate and draw conclusions to improve our data quality processes.

OSM Basics
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