Abdoulaye Diallo
  • Scholar Lightning Talks
Adrien Pavie

I'm an entrepreneur in geomatics and software development, and also a contributor to OpenStreetMap since 2010. I'm particularly interested in new ways of contributing and mapping accessibility. I created some useful tools for OSM like OpenLevelUp (indoor map), YoHours (editor of opening_hours) and Pic4Review (editor using street-level pictures), and contribute to other open source projects.

  • Integrating and validating open data in OSM using street pictures
  • OsmInEdit: a simple indoor editor
Alban Vivert

I am a freelance geographer and cartographer since my return from my Nomad Maps adventure across the Andes.
I previously worked for 4 years in a town planning agency in Lyon as a GIS Analyst.
I am an OSM member since 2015 and an active contributor since 2018.

I see my role in the OSM community as a communicator to promote the world of collaborative mapping. I am particularly focused on Western Europe, Latin America and French-speaking Africa.
My objective is to create links between local OSM communities and local associations that would need mapping for their development.

  • Nomad Maps, an andean cartographic itinerancy by bike
Alina Negreanu
  • Lightning Talks III
Alison Moon

Operations Manager at thinkWhere, one of the UK’s leading independent web mapping and GIS consultancies.

  • “Our Falkirk”: Mitigating the Impacts of Poverty using OSM Data Themes
Andi Tabinas

Geographer and GIS practitioner, Mental Health Advocate, https://mhaphmap.com

  • Lightning Talks II
Andreas Dirks
  • OsmInEdit: a simple indoor editor
Andrey Golovin

A passionate OSM contributor from Ukraine. I started mapping in 2009 trying to find the way how to improve the map for navigation. Along with mapping, I've made translation for JOSM, iD, opesntreetmap.org into Ukrainian with a goal to help Ukrainian mappers to have information in their native language. In late 2014, I joined Mapbox where I work in a variety of areas related to improving the map based on OSM data.

  • ANDREY GOLOVIN AND HIS PATH TO BECOMING A “LEGENDARY MAPPER” - http://www.50northspatial.org/andrey-golovin-becoming-legendary-mapper/
  • ABOUT OPENSTREETMAP WITH ANDREY GOLOVIN - http://www.50northspatial.org/about-openstreetmap-andrey-golovin/
  • Using OSMCha to understand bad edits
Angjelina Dervishaj

"Angjelina has a degree on Geoinformatics. She is a OSM contributor spending a lot of time to improve the local maps. Currently she works as an IT specialist.

One of the first research papers that she worked on was on "Some Mapping Specifications in the Mining Region of Krasta" which was first introduced in the Western Balkan Conference on GIS, Mine Surveying, Geodesy and Geomatics."

  • First steps with OpenStreetMap editors
Antoine Riche

Antoine came across OSM in 2014 and it changed his life. He then turned from a GIS developer to an OpenStreetMap consultant, and founded Carto’Cité with this crazy idea: helping companies be more involved in the community rather than just using the data. Antoine is also a member of OpenStreetMap France and involved locally on numerous voluntary projects.

  • Pedestrian routing in complex areas: the case of Paris railway stations
Arnalie Vicario
  • Lightning Talks II
Astrid Emde

Astrid Emde is an active member of OSGeo and a Charter Member since 2010. In 2017 she was elected to the OSGeo Board of Directors and as OSGeo Secretary. She recieved the Sol Katz Award in 2018 at FOSS4G 2018 in Dar es Salaam (Tanzania). She is involved in the OSGeoLive project and in the Marketing Committee and loves to organize OSGeo events like Conferences and Community Meetings. Astrid Emde is part of the Mapbender Team since more than 10 years. She works in Bonn at WhereGroup since many year and works as Senior GIS Consultant on WebGIS solutions with FOSSGIS. She lead several workshops and presentations and is part of the trainer team of FOSS Academy. She loves to spread the spirit of OSGeo, FOSS4G & FOSSGIS!

  • How to use OpenStreetMap data with the Desktop GIS QGIS
  • Get to know OSGeo and how OSGeo is connected to OpenStreetMap
Beata Tautan-Jancso
  • Lightning Talks III
  • ImproveOSM - MissingRoads workshop
Carolina Ortega Espinosa
  • Collaborative cartography of cycling infrastructure for route and thematic maps in Medellin, Colombia
Chris Fleming
  • Notes: Can we do better. Experiences and Ideas from the Frontline.
Christian Förster
  • Keynote: Open up! Why digital mobility needs participation
Christopher Beddow

Christopher Beddow is a Solutions Engineer for Mapillary. Originally from Montana, USA, he frequently travels while collecting Mapillary imagery, editing OSM, and working remotely on business and community solutions.

  • Human Mapping with Machine Data
  • Lightning Talks II
Christopher Klaiber
  • “Keepin' it fresh (and good)!” - Continuous Ingestion of OSM Data at Facebook
Clarisse Abalos

Twitter: @map2save

  • Bringing Validation to Users: Integrating Quality Assurance Checks into Map Editors
Dan Stowell

Dan Stowell is senior researcher in machine listening - which means using computation to understand sound signals. He co-leads the Machine Listening Lab at Queen Mary University of London, based in the Centre for Digital Music, and is also a Turing Fellow at the Alan Turing Institute. http://mcld.co.uk/

  • Mapping solar panels can save megatons of CO2
Davey Lovin
  • Access to Prosperity: Quantifying Infrastructure Impact With OSM
David Garcia

I used to work in places hit by disaster or war. Now, I’m becoming a scholar of mapping. I love volunteering for OSM, HOT, and OSGeo. In good or bad times, I make nice maps.

  • Caretography - Mapping Difficult Issues with OpenStreetMap during Difficult Times
Deleted User
  • ImproveOSM - MissingRoads workshop
Denis Cheynet
  • From car routing to train routing
Dietmar Seifert
  • Keynote: Open up! Why digital mobility needs participation
Edoardo Neerhut

I'm the Strategic Partnerships Manager at Mapillary. I work with the community and partners contributing imagery to the platform. Admittedly I first discovered OpenStreetMap when I joined Mapillary in 2015, but I quickly went from "Why would people spend their personal time on this" to "This is an incredible project that I want to be part of". I try to help out in both a work capacity and a personal capacity, arranging mapathons in my local Melbourne, working on FOSS4G SotM Oceania 2018 + 2019, editing in OpenStreetMap, and of course collecting as much street-level imagery as I can.

I love to travel as well and have started to discover the thrill of meeting OpenStreetMap communities in different parts of the world. If you're ever in Melbourne, come and say hi!

  • Human Mapping with Machine Data
Edward Betts
  • OpenStreetMap and Wikidata: Awesome Together
Emmor Nile
  • Scholar Lightning Talks
Eugene Alvin Villar (seav)
  • OpenStreetMap and Wikidata: Awesome Together
Eugene Kizevich
  • Public Transport Navigation using OpenStreetMap by OsmAnd
Felix Delattre

Felix Delattre is Technical Projects Manager for the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team. He is an information technologist, software architect and development project manager with a passion for geographic information science. His focus is on innovation through participation, open data and free technologies.

  • Tales from the Tasking Manager
  • Assisted Intelligence - How we map with the support of new technologies
Felix Kunde

PostGIS and SQL lover and teacher. Worked with 3D city models, traffic data and currently providing DBaaS solutions at Zalando.

  • Spatial indexes for OSM in PostGIS
Fernando Kastro Toro
  • Scholar Lightning Talks
Feye Andal
  • Scholar Lightning Talks
Florimond Berthoux
  • CyclOSM, a bicycle oriented render for every cyclist
Frédéric Rodrigo

Maintainer of Osmose-QA for 10 years. Works in Research and Mapping department at Maikina Corpus.

  • Automatically annotate a pedestrian route with OSM landmarks
  • Osmose-QA : MapCSS, OpenData and Mapillary
Frederik Ramm

// this session, if accepted, should not be listed as "by Frederik Ramm" since I'll only be "hosting" it. Therefore it would be misleading to have my biography here - it's going to be many people.

  • Introduction to OSM: How it's made and how it's used
Gregory Marler

Gregory held back from joining until he met some OSM guys in the UK in 2006. You may have seen him shout "Maps" on the stage, but he really enjoys chatting to people in the breaks. If it's your first time or you've got every SotM t-shirt that exists, do find him and say hello.

  • Meet an OpenStreetMapper
Hanna Krüger
  • Communication and Knowledge Transfer in OSM
Hannes Geißelmann
  • OsmInEdit: a simple indoor editor
Harry Mahardhika Machmud

I have contributed in OSM and joined with Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team in Indonesia since 2012. For more than 5 years, I have been involved in a lot of projects using OpenStreetMap in Indonesia. Some of my key contribution are:
First, I make OSM Module (as an editor) that combine basic and intermediate learning material for OpenStreetMap. At the beginning, This module was created for my coolaboration project with Wikimedia Indonesia in East Kalimantan but now after the project finished it available and free to download in https://openstreetmap.id/docs/ModulTutorialOSM25Januari2015.pdf

Secondly, I also make OSM wikimedia pages about refference objects for Indonesia Mapping. I made this page because there was misunderstanding between general page about Map features and real objects in Indonesia. So this page aimed to guide Indonesia OSM users and mapper to map right object with the right information. (https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Id:Referensi_Atribut_Objek_OSM_Indonesia)

Thirdly, I was involved to make a document about OSM Data validation. This document now used in most of our training and we adding it to OSM wiki page as well. (https://github.com/harrymahar/indo-data-validation)

  • Custom Presets Creation using JOSM
  • JOSM Turn Restriction : Improving Data Quality
Heather Leson

Heather is a technologist focused on humanitarian data and technology opportunities by combining human-centered design, participatory design, diverse partnerships, and innovation methodologies. She is a current Board Member at OpenStreetMap Foundation and a past Board Member at the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (4 years).

  • Diversity and Inclusion in OSM
Hrvoje Bogner

open geo/data/source/standard enthusiast, longtime OpenStreetMap & OpenStreetMap Croatia contributor, longtime Croatian Linux Users Group member, system administrator at Open IT d.o.o.

  • OpenStreetMap in Croatia
Huw Davies
  • National Trust - Managing a Path inventory in OSM: Towards an Open Paths standard in OSM for the UK
Ilya Zverev

Author of Shtosm new blog, a twitter and a telegram channel. Made quite a few tools and a few talks in the past nine years. Can write an api request without consulting the wiki.

  • Lightning Talks III
  • Lightning Talks II
  • Broken Promises and Technical Difficulties
Janet Chapman

I have been a full time unpaid volunteer with Tanzania Development Trust since 2013 and founded Crowd2Map in 2015.

More about Crowd2Map here

There is more about me here

I'm on LinkedIn here https://www.linkedin.com/in/janetchapman/

I'm always welcome to comments, suggestions, help and advice!

  • Lightning Talks I
Jariatou Jallow

My Name is Jariatou Jallow. I am 21years old. I am the president of Connected youthmappers Gambia chapter.

  • Scholar Lightning Talks
Jen Alconis Ayco
  • Scholar Lightning Talks
Jerry Clough
  • Mapping solar panels can save megatons of CO2
Jessica Bergmann
  • The Next Generation of Mappers: Learning from YouthMappers
Jinal Foflia

I'm an OpenSource enthusiast, have been an OpenStreetMap contributor for over 3.5 years and enjoy organising and running events. I am also a part of the Communications Working Group for OpenStreetMap Foundation and editor at WeeklyOSM. Currently Outreach and Community Manager at Grab.

  • Driving South East Asia Forward with OpenStreetMap
Jiri Komarek
  • OSM Vector Tiles in custom coordinate systems
Jochen Topf

Jochen has been active in the OSM project since 2006. He is co-author of the first book on OpenStreetMap and has given many talks about OSM. As part of his job as a freelance software developer and in his spare time he has written a lot of Open Source software for the OSM project including Osmium and Taginfo. He is on the board of directors of the FOSSGIS e.V., the German chapter of the OSMF.

  • OSM data processing with PostgreSQL/PostGIS
Johan Wiklund

Data manager at Entur AS

  • Norway: Successful deployment of OSM in Public Transport
Joost Schouppe
  • Board + Working Groups meeting
  • Local Chapters Congress
Karen M. Sandler
  • Keynote
Kathleen Lu

Kathleen is from Berkeley, California, USA. She has been a member of the OSMF Legal/Licensing Working Group since 2017. This is her 10th years as an IP attorney. She currently works at Mapbox.
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kathleen-lu/
Twitter: @kathleenthelaw

  • ODbL license compatibility
Kevin Bullock
  • Imagery Solutions in OpenStreetMap
Kevin Ventullo
  • “Keepin' it fresh (and good)!” - Continuous Ingestion of OSM Data at Facebook
Lucas Verney
  • CyclOSM, a bicycle oriented render for every cyclist
Manfred Reiter
  • How to contribute to weeklyOSM via the CMS: OSMBC
  • uMap for newbies
Marc Farra

Programmer from Beirut, currently working in DC at Development Seed. Open Data for Lebanon. I speak Arabic, French and English. Talk to me about code, chess, maps and electronics!

  • Teams for OpenStreetMap
Marco Minghini
  • Lightning Talks II
Martin Dittus

I'm a digital geographer at the Oxford Internet Institute where I research the information geography of Wikipedia and other large online platforms. Who controls and has access to these digital representations of the world's knowledge?

I am a voting member of the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT), and in past years worked closely with HOT organisers to try and understand how best to foster volunteer capacity for their global contributor network. Some of the outcomes are documented in my OpenStreetMap diary.

  • Caretography - Mapping Difficult Issues with OpenStreetMap during Difficult Times
Martin Lucas-Smith
  • Is the OSM data model creaking?
Mats'eliso Thobei
  • Scholar Lightning Talks
Matthew Gibb
  • Bringing Validation to Users: Integrating Quality Assurance Checks into Map Editors
Matthijs Melissen
  • Scholar Lightning Talks
Michael Spreng

Michael Spreng lives in Cham. He studied Computational Science and Engineering at ETH Zürich. He develops simulation software at a medium software company.

He noticed OpenStreetMap in 2009 and started mapping in his vicinity. He tries to map where ever he goes if he finds a few minutes to spare. He takes care of the SOSM servers, is on the membership working group and looks after the comparison with the official public transport list DIDOK.

  • Past and Future of the OSMF Membership Working Group
Minh Nguyễn

Minh has contributed to OpenStreetMap as a volunteer since April 2008. Most of his mapping is concentrated in the U.S. states of Ohio, Kentucky, and California. He was elected to the board of OpenStreetMap U.S. in April 2019. By day, he works for Mapbox writing OSM-powered software for iOS.

  • Lightning Talks II
Miriam Gonzalez

Community Engagement in OpenStreetMap México and Co-Founder of Geochicas. HOTOSM voting member. Business Development lead and co-founder of technology based projects focused in OpenData

  • Diversity and Inclusion in OSM
Naveen Francis
  • Scholar Lightning Talks
Nick Whitelegg

I am a software development lecturer at Solent University in the UK, teaching Android and web development, and long-time OpenStreetMap contributor and FOSS enthusiast. I have particular interest in developing geospatial applications and augmented reality for outdoor users; my projects are hosted at https://gitlab.com/nickw1/.

  • Hikar - OSM Augmented Reality for Walkers across Europe
Nicolas Chavent

Geographer, GIS, mapper, active grounding OpenStreetMap, OpenData and Free Geomatics the grassroot way accross the Francophone space since 2010.

  • OSMF local chapters in countries of the Global South what can we learn from OSM associations dynamics in French-speaking southern countries of Africa and the Caribbean?
  • "Mapathon, mapathon, mapathon!"
  • Bilingual Breakout Session – Community building and empowerment in South: French-speaking countries in Africa+Haiti
Olivier Courtin

DataPink founder
RoboSat contributor
RoboSat.pink maintainer and lead dev

  • Data Quality and Feature Extraction at scale with RoboSat.pink
  • Lightning Talks I
Patricia Solis

Dr. Patricia Solís is CoFounder and Director of YouthMappers, a university consortium of 145+ student-led chapters in 40+ countries working to create and use open spatial data for resilience, development and humanitarian purposes. She is Executive Director of the Knowledge Exchange for Resilience at Arizona State University and Research Associate Professor in the School of Geographical Sciences and Urban Planning.

  • Diversity and Inclusion in OSM
Peter Karich

Co-Founder GraphHopper GmbH

  • Flexible Routing with GraphHopper
Pierre Béland

Pierre started humanitarain OSM mapping with the Port-au-Prince earthquake in 2010. He is involved both for humanitarian actions, local community support and locally in Canada. He volunteered for mapping, to develop tools, to coordinate remote actions and advocate for major OSM Responses from 2012 (see Slideshare presentations). Pierre and others innovated using maps, Mobile units and diligent actions to support the logistic of the responses and develop an efficient ecosystem with the responders.
They succeeded to convince the UN Agencies and humanitarian NGO's to use OpenStreetMap as the De Facto map for emergencies.

He had the opportunity to meet OSM communities in various countries including Haiti and Sénégal. He participated in various training actions for local communities and developped OSM statistics & Map tools (OpenSource). He is the orginal author of the Highway Tag Africa wiki page. The OSM Image week1 2013 shows Minova, DRC mapped in three days while 100,000 displaced people seek refuge in the town.

More recently, while contributing with Potentiel 3.0 and OSM-DRC to develop the DR Congo OSM community and the OpenCities Project in Kinshasa, he started to develop the Building Mapping Quality Project and published various articles on the subject. The team also had to focus rapidly on the 2018 DR Congo Ebola Response. This tool helped to monitor quality problems in Butembo and react quickly. At the same time, he continues to develop the quality tool to integrate buildings orthogonal corrections.

  • OSM Quality Mapping: Metrics to monitor Buildings outbounds

Long time mapper who tried mostly everything. Mapping local area and where I traveled doing surveys. Mapping cycling and hiking routes. Mapping all bus stops in Belgium and the buses and trams itineraries. Did a bit of HOT mapping and validating as well. I'm proofreading Weekly OSM in several languages and editing some of the articles, as I would be reading them anyway.

Contributed over half a million pictures to Mapillary and this summer that number will increase tremendously, as I found a new job auditing cycle "highway" infrastructure in Flanders, the northern part of Belgium.

  • Mapping public transport and cycling itineraries using JOSM's PT_Assistant plugin
Porfirio Carrasco
  • Scholar Lightning Talks
Pradip Khatiwada

Pradip Khatiwada is the Founder and Executive Director at Youth Innovation Lab (YI-Lab)—a not-for-profit social enterprise. He is recognized for his leadership on anti-plastic bag movement and getting legislation on plastic bags ban and leading a Guinness world record attempt for the ‘largest tree hug’ event. His work has received extensive coverage on global media e.g. Daily Mail, The Telegraph, CBS News, ABC, Hindustan times, and Indian Express. He headed the Government of Nepal, National Planning Commission and Himalayan Climate Initiatives’ jointly led initiative National Volunteering Program as the National Coordinator. Under his leadership, he led a group of 5000 National Volunteers and built 700 resilient homes, distributed relief materials to 15,000+ people and 1000 scholarships in 2015 earthquake-affected districts. The New York Times acknowledged his leadership in their special edition ‘The Nepal Catastrophe’, on the Nepal earthquake.

Pradip earned his post graduation from Tata Institute of Social Sciences -Mumbai, India with a focus on Disaster Management and Livelihood Recovery. Before starting YI-Lab, he worked as the researcher at the National Science Foundation’s PEER Science project at Kathmandu Living Labs. He is the recipient of the 2017 US Department of States’ International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP).

For more information, kindly visit www.pradipkhatiwada.com

  • Scholar Lightning Talks
Ramya Ragupathy
  • Tales from the Tasking Manager
Robert Kaiser

Robert Kaiser ("KaiRo") is a Mozilla Tech Speaker and OpenStreetMap contributor, working as a freelance Web/Linux expert in Vienna, lately with a lot of blockchain technology.
Roughly 20 years in the Mozilla community have given him a lot of insight into the Web’s technologies and history. In about 12 years of contributing to OSM, he's been also one of the core members of the local community in Vienna. He likes to try out alternative solutions that increase user freedom and privacy, and take a peek into new technology. On/under his desk, at least 5 devices with a Linux kernel run on a normal day and communicate with other Linux systems he’s administrating. KaiRo is a burning supporter of Mozilla’s Mission and Manifesto as well as Star Trek’s vision of a diverse society in a positive future. For taking a break from technology, he likes to go for singing karaoke and writing his own songs.

  • VR Map: Using OSM Data In a WebVR Environment
Roland Olbricht
  • Share Edits and Insights with the Overpass Tools
  • Mapper's privacy
  • New processes to agree on tagging suggestions and their interaction with the editing software available on openstreetmap.org
Said Turksever
  • Lightning Talks III
Sajjad Anwar

Sajjad is leads the map data team at Development Seed. He contributes to their strategy for working with organizations like Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team. Sajjad cares deeply about the impact open tools and data have on governance and development. Previously Sajjad helped build Mapbox’s data team and led products for mapping and validation. Sajjad has experience building platforms for natural resources monitoring and data infrastructure for large scale accountability initiatives. He's been making and talking about maps for over a decade. Sajjad is based in Bangalore and is actively involved in the open data movement in India.

  • Observe - offline, cross-platform field mapping tool for OpenStreetMap
Sam Milsom

Sam lives in Manchester, but is originally from London. He’s had nearly 10 years working in various tech for good companies, including Time/Image, which digitised the British Council film archive, and working for Code Club in its early days. He is currently developing the Open Data Manchester programme, delivering workshops, training and running events.

  • Mapping Mobility in Stockport
Sarah Hoffmann
  • Customizing Search for Special-Interest Maps
Seán Lynch

Seán Lynch is the founder and developer of OpenLitterMap

  • Lightning Talks I
Sebastian Ritterbusch
  • Routing for humans
Séverin Menard

Geographer and active OSM contributor working both remotely and in the field on humanitarian and development data

  • OSMF local chapters in countries of the Global South what can we learn from OSM associations dynamics in French-speaking southern countries of Africa and the Caribbean?
  • "Mapathon, mapathon, mapathon!"
  • Bilingual Breakout Session – Community building and empowerment in South: French-speaking countries in Africa+Haiti
Shinji Enoki

Shinji Enoki is a member of a member of Kyoto OpenData Community, a member of ShokokuRoman OpenData Community and a member of Wikimedians in Kansai.

He focuses on the LibreOffice community. He is a member of LibreOffice Japanese Team and The Document Foundation,

His other community activities is a organizing member of Japan UNIX Society and a staff of KANSAI OPEN SOURCE.

  • OpenDatathon activities in Japan
Sibabrata Choudhury
  • Lightning Talks III
Simon Poole
  • Updating our attribution guidelines
  • Updating our attribution guidelines (Part II)
S M Sawan Shariar
  • Lightning Talks I
SotM Working Group
  • Opening
  • Closing
Surabhi Singh
  • Assisted Intelligence - How we map with the support of new technologies
Thomas Skowron
  • Is your OSM App spying on you?
  • Introduction to OSM: How it's made and how it's used
Thomas Sontag
  • OsmInEdit: a simple indoor editor
Tobias Knerr
  • OSM2World: 3D OSM in your browser
Various Speakers
  • Lightning Talks V
  • Lightning Talks VII
  • Lightning Talks VI
  • Lightning Talks IV
Victor Shcherb

OsmAnd Founder & CEO

  • Introduce OpenPlaceReviews and connect to OpenStreetMap
  • Public Transport Navigation using OpenStreetMap by OsmAnd
Vincent Privat
  • What's behind JOSM?
Wille Marcel Lima Malheiro

Started contributing to OpenStreetMap in 2010 and is a GIS developer since 2014. Has worked with most aspects of GIS, like satellite imagery, web map applications, databases, but is specialist on osm tools and designing REST APIs. Creator of OSMCha, a tool that helps the OSM community to review and validate the changesets, and member of the HOT Tech Team.

  • Using OSMCha to understand bad edits
  • Tales from the Tasking Manager
Yantisa Akhadi
  • OSM Data: From Digital to Physical Design