David Garcia

I used to work in places hit by disaster or war. Now, I’m becoming a scholar of mapping. I love volunteering for OSM, HOT, and OSGeo. In good or bad times, I make nice maps.

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Affiliation – Geospatial Research Institute Toi Hangarau and Department of Geography, University of Canterbury, Aotearoa New Zealand OpenStreetMap username – mapmakerdavid


Caretography - Mapping Difficult Issues with OpenStreetMap during Difficult Times

We map because we care to represent the world. Yet maps are never "true", they are shaped by their creators and their circumstances. Map-making is world-making: maps by different authors can give access to different worlds. So how can we make, share, and use maps that are created by these worlds, and not just by a privileged few? How can vulnerable communities influence how they’re represented and affected by our maps?