Angjelina Dervishaj

"Angjelina has a degree on Geoinformatics. She is a OSM contributor spending a lot of time to improve the local maps. Currently she works as an IT specialist.

One of the first research papers that she worked on was on "Some Mapping Specifications in the Mining Region of Krasta" which was first introduced in the Western Balkan Conference on GIS, Mine Surveying, Geodesy and Geomatics."

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Angjelina Dervishaj


First steps with OpenStreetMap editors
Angjelina Dervishaj

During this session I’ll share some tips & tools for new comers to start making their first edits on OpenStreetMap. I’ll do so by explaining the mapping concepts, process, the use of editors, and will continue with the practicing part. By explaining this process , I aim to make it easier for new contributors to get started with editing and will show some daily life examples to illustrate the importance of even the smallest contributions.

OSM Basics
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