uMap for newbies
09-21, 16:30–17:30 (Europe/Berlin), Kleiner Hörsaal

We create an individualized map based on OSM using uMap

uMap lets you create a map with OpenStreetMap layers and embed it in your site. All within a few minutes. It is powered by open source, WTFPL-licensed software. The workshop is mainly designed for the students of the EU project. Of course everybody very welcome. No previous knowledge is expected.

Depending on the learning progress of the participants, we will also respond to the creation of a constantly updated map, which reads data from OverpassTurbo. Here we follow the RobJN manual "Creating an always up to date map"


I create an individual map with the help of uMap


Madalina Ionescu, Romania,
Uwe Engstler, Germany

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