Integrating and validating open data in OSM using street pictures
09-23, 11:30–11:50 (Europe/Berlin), Hörsaal Ost

Pic4Review now helps contributors to integrate open data properly in OpenStreetMap using street pictures validation. Discover the way it works and how this can help improve both OSM and open datasets.

Pic4Review is a new editor to work on OpenStreetMap using open street-level pictures offered by Mapillary, OpenStreetCam and Wikimedia Commons. You can create thematic missions to work on a specific subject. The features are loaded in the tool, which automatically find available pictures around it, and offers a simple interface to answer questions and editing the features.

At start, it was helping contributors adding details on existing objects, like accessibility of crossings, name of shops, levels of buildings... This offers a wide range of possibilities, and was already used by hundreds of contributors to edit around 100000 features worldwide. Now, it also offers to integrate open datasets into OpenStreetMap, the proper way. The complexity of integrating open data in OSM lies in the accuracy of these datasets : we should check if features are correctly located, and properly described. This can be done by surveying, or using freely available pictures of our streets. This is what Pic4Review offers to simplify : import your dataset, create a mission, and work in team to integrate the data which can be verified.

This talk will present the problem of open data integration, the Pic4Review tool, and the process of using it for integrating open data.


Integrating open data remotely, the right and easy way

Talk keywords

opendata, pictures, integration, mapillary, pic4review

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I'm an entrepreneur in geomatics and software development, and also a contributor to OpenStreetMap since 2010. I'm particularly interested in new ways of contributing and mapping accessibility. I created some useful tools for OSM like OpenLevelUp (indoor map), YoHours (editor of opening_hours) and Pic4Review (editor using street-level pictures), and contribute to other open source projects.

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