Public Transport Navigation using OpenStreetMap by OsmAnd
09-23, 14:30–14:50 (Europe/Berlin), Hörsaal Ost

'Public Transport Navigation using OpenStreetMap by OsmAnd'

The presentation describes stages of developing and starting of new feature of OsmAnd app.

OsmAnd is the first among the large OSM apps that developed public transport support. Now we continue to improve this function further, add new modes of transport, and experiment with the settings.

How we came to the idea of ​​public transport? In the presentation, we will explain why we use the PTv2 scheme, why this option is preferred, and how it works. In addition, in our report, we will consider the future support of GTFS.

During the work we faced various difficulties, so we will explain what these difficulties were and how we tried to build at least something. We will also cover how OSM users can help us, and whether it is possible and how long it will take to improve the data.

Lastly, we will present our results and plans, namely, what was our most significant success and how we want to build an editor for public transport..

We launched the function at the beginning of the year, and throughout the year we tested it, supplemented it with new conditions for building a route and tried to take into account all possible conditions for building routes. Although the data in the OSM have not proved to be always correct, everything can be fixed by the community.

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OsmAnd Founder & CEO

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