Taylor Reich

Taylor (they/them pronouns) is a research associate at the Institute for Transportation and Development Policy, a worldwide NGO advocating for sustainable and inclusive urban mobility. Taylor's work is in metrics and indicators, improving tools to help us better understand the cities we live in. This includes developing tools to measure the performance of sustainable mobility as well as conducting impact assessments of ITDP projects. Before joining ITDP, Taylor lived in Amman, Jordan, where they studied the history of Jordanian housing policy.


Pedestrians First
Taylor Reich

Walkability is the foundation for urban life that is sustainable, inclusive, healthy, and dignified. Pedestrians First is a new open-source suite of tools for using OSM data to measure indicators of urban walkability. During this talk, we will examine the nature of walkable and unwalkable cities, we will discuss the opportunities and limitations of using OSM to measure walkability, and we will consider possible avenues for extending Pedestrians First in the future.

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