Allan Mustard

Ambassador (retired) Allan Mustard is a member of the Advisory Board of the Caspian Policy Center, a Washington, D.C.-based think tank. He was sworn in as U.S. Ambassador to Turkmenistan on November 25, 2014, and retired from that position in June 2019 after almost 38 years of public service. He previously served as an agricultural officer at U.S. Embassies in New Delhi, Mexico City, Moscow, Vienna, and at the American Consulate General in Istanbul. He managed the computer center for the Foreign Agricultural Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture, 2000-2002. He speaks fluent Russian, basic German and very basic Spanish. He delivered the keynote address at the 2016 SOTM and the banquet speech at the 2019 NACIS conference on use of OSM in mapping Turkmenistan. Ambassador Mustard resides in Falls Church, Virginia, United States.

  • Winds of Change in OpenStreetMap
Asish Abraham Joseph

A Free Software Web developer turned FOSSGIS enthusiast, Research Assistant turned entrepreneur previously worked with ICFOSS, and now with SPACE-Kerala and Computing Freedom Collective Pvt Ltd.

  • Economy, Human, and Policy Impact on Mapping in Public Sector
Ata Franck AKOUETE

M. Ata Franck AKOUETE is graduate in forestry science. He is a very active member of OSM Togo community. He is author of several scientific papers and led many free GIS capacity building courses in Togo. He launched and coordinated since 2018 GirlsMap initiative. He also led recently "discovery the world of openstreetmap" session at the Understanding Risk Conference of West and Central Africa which was held in Abidjan (Ivory Coast). He is promoting OpenData, Free GIS and open Geospatial Software in Togo.

  • Overwiew on OpenStreetMap Togo Community
Bernardo Loureiro

I am an urbanist and I work as a consultant and developer in data analysis, visualization, and mapping. I also teach classes and workshops on these topics.

I run Medida SP, an urban data visualization lab in São Paulo, Brazil.

  • Visualizing Gender of Street Names in Brazil
Brandon Liu

Software developer in New York City, working on web visualization and cartography; interested in computer graphics and internationalization; recently started a new mapping company, Protomaps.

  • Minutely Extracts: Tools for nimble editing and downloading
Can Ünen

I have a Ph.D. in Geomatics Engineering from Istanbul Technical University and was a research assistant at the same department between 2005-2013. I was an assistant professor in Maltepe University between 2013-2019. I am still lecturing at MEF University. I am a board member of Yer Çizenler Maping for Everyone Association since 2017. I am a project coordinator with Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team since 2018. I am a project lead with the Kaart editing team since 2019.

  • Turkish Law on National Geospatial Data and Its Implications Regarding OSM and the Community
Christoph Hanser

Christoph Hanser is Co-founder and President of Trufi Association in Hamburg, Germany. When Christoph lived in Bolivia in 2010, he saw a great need for digital solutions to make the informal public transport system more accessible. As a public transport enthusiast he wants to reduce complexity, unreliability and make public transport more available and more attractive in cities like La Paz. For his journeys, he is mainly cycling, taking public transport and sharing a car with other families. Besides Trufi, he is the CEO of QUIBIQ Hamburg, an IT company specialised in enterprise application integration. Follow Christoph on LinkedIn or email at

  • How to publish a multi-modal journey app based on OSM with Trufi App
Danijel Schorlemmer

Danijel Schorlemmer is a seismologist working at the German Research Centre for Geosciences. His main research interests are the statistics of earthquakes and earthquake hazard and risk. In the framework of several EU-funded research projects, he is working on classifying every building in Europe in terms of its earthquake vulnerability, reconstruction value, and the number of people inside depending on the time of the day. This work is part of his big-data global dynamic exposure model for loss and risk calculations for natural catastrophes. In this model, OpenStreetMap is a cornerstone around which the model is built. He is also the founder of the QuakeSaver company building micro-sensors to monitor earthquake shaking in buildings and for better understanding of the risk buildings are exposed to. He works mainly in Europe, Japan, and Taiwan.

  • Earthquakes and OpenStreetMap
  • Buildings are the new Streets
Dina Carabas

Founder at PlantingSpace where we work on new technologies and tools that aim at improving human interaction, discovery and creation. Believer in the potential of open-source software development and open data to bring about more inclusiveness and collaboration.
Before starting PlantingSpace I was part of two startups in the decentralized technologies space and shaped their growth as Chief Operating Officer. Previously, I served technology companies as a consultant with McKinsey & Company.

  • Creating an open data ecosystem for reviews of places and more
Dwi Fanny Wulandari

I am an active mapper part of Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Indonesia

  • OSM Deep Facts in Developing Country: Indonesia case study
Erica Hagen

Erica Hagen is co-founder of Map Kibera, in which youth from Kibera, Nairobi's largest slum, created the first free and open map of their neighborhood in 2009. Erica continues to manage Map Kibera, which works in Kibera, Nairobi, throughout Kenya and beyond on citizen-led mapping and media projects. She also runs GroundTruth Initiative, LLC, working on open data, maps, and citizen engagement with tech.

  • Participatory Budgeting & Mapping with citizens and government
  • Sustainability and OSM for Development
Evan Hossain

Software engineer at Grab.

  • Identify map problems in OSM by connectivity check
Felix Delattre

Felix Delattre is an information technologist, software architect and development project manager with a passion for geographic information science. His focus is on innovation through participation, open data and free technologies.

  • Buildings are the new Streets
Frederik Ramm

I am a long-time contributor to OSM in Germany and elsewhere. I have worked on a lot of different OSM software. I’m also a regular OSM conference visitor, having participated in all but one of our “State of the Map” conferences and lots of other events. I co-founded Geofabrik, a small OSM consultancy in Karslruhe.

  • There might have been a misunderstanding...
Geoffrey Kateregga

Geoffrey Kateregga currently serves as the Community Programs Manager at the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team and is an active member of the OpenStreetMap Africa community - a network of local OpenStreetMap communities from all over Africa organizing State of the Map Africa and joining hands to share resources and collaborate to grow and produce a complete and well-detailed map of Africa on OpenStreetMap in order to advance the quality, completeness and sustainability of geospatial data in Africa.

  • The State of OpenStreetMap in Africa
Gregory Marler

Gregory held back from joining until he met some OSM folk in the UK in 2006. He has attended at many events, including several previous years of State of the Map. Gregory loves talking to different people in the community, learning their story and interests.

  • Meet an OpenStreetMapper
Ilya Zverev

Ilya has been deeply interested in OpenStreetMap since 2010. He tried everything: mapped a lot, proposed tagging schemas, edited a blog and a telegram channel, made two podcasts, organized mapping parties and conferences, wrote JOSM plugins, API tools, editors, geocoders, and various maps. He briefly served on the OSMF Board, made the OSM Awards, and spent three years making MAPS.ME app work better with OSM, contributing to its editing feature and to subway mapping in OSM. There are few areas in OpenStreetMap that do not interest him: that’s why he tries not to miss major events and follows everything that happens in the project.

  • Send me a Postcard
Janet Chapman

Janet Chapman is a trustee of Tanzania Development Trust and the founder of Crowd2Map Tanzania a crowdsourced mapping project mapping rural Tanzania for community development and to help protect girls from Female Genital Mutilation. She lives in London but spends much of her time in rural Tanzania. She was previously an elearning consultant and is passionate about the potential of technology, particularly mobile, in empowering rural African girls.

She is an active member of Missing Maps London.

  • Building mapping communities in rural Tanzania – challenges, successes and lessons learnt
Jorge Martinez

orge started contributing to FOSS since 2014. He received Masters and Bachelor degrees in electronic engineering, both from Universidad del Norte, in Barranquilla, Colombia. His research was focused on the development of computer vision algorithms to track and recognize objects and actions in videos. After finishing his work as a visiting researcher at Stanford University, Jorge started working in image processing and GIS development in 2016, committing to different projects such as Geonode, Worldmap, among others.

  • Mapcampaigner Redesign: The Data Quality Monitor For OSM
Kathleen Lu

Kathleen Lu is a member of the OpenStreetMap Foundation's Legal/Licensing Working Group.
In her spare time, she is a lawyer and works at Mapbox.

  • Trademarks & OSMF
Leigh Lunas

I'm a mapper in the Philippines. I am representing Geoladies PH, we advocate in community diversity and affirmative spaces for women and under-represented communities in OpenStreetMap and in geospatial science. I use drones for mapping disaster response, environmental monitoring in local communities. I'm an awesome map-maker but a poor map-navigator.

  • Drones for Community Mapping
Luca Delucchi

Luca is an OSGeo and OSM contributor and advocate. He graduated in Geography applied to the environment, landscape and tourism from University of Genoa (Italy) in 2008. Since the same year he work at Fondazione Edmund Mach, a research center near Trento. He is interested in all features about GIS: desktop, web, geodatabase, developing and geodata. He is involved in OSM project since 2007 and core developer and translator of GRASS GIS project, main developer of pyModis library and OSGeoLive and ZOO-Project contributor.

  • The use of OpenStreetMap within the Italian Alpine Club
Lucy Fondo

Lucy Fondo is an enthusiastic mapper working as a trainer and field supervisor at Map Kibera Trust. Her role at Map Kibera has been resourceful and assisted the organization get recognition in the slums of Kibera and further through partnerships and direct contact with the slum community of Kibera. She has been an active contributor to the top projects which revovlved around improving Health and Sanitation, Education and Security in the region. Lucy has also been priviledged to work with counties in Participatory Mapping Project sponsored by the World Bank. When off duty she spends her time touring the country and with her family. She is currently working on schools update for Kibera and Kangemi Slums of Kenya. You can reach her through her email and Facebook at Lucy Fondo.

  • Participatory Budgeting & Mapping with citizens and government
Maggie Cawley

An OpenStreetMap enthusiast for many years, Maggie currently serves as Executive Director for OpenStreetMap US, is a member of the Local Chapters & Communities Working Group, has served on the OpenStreetMap US Board and the TeachOSM steering committee, and continues to introduce people in her native Baltimore and around the world to OpenStreetMap.

  • Building Stronger Communities Together - the Local Chapters & Community Working Group
Michael Reichert

Maintainer of OpenRailwayMap, vice chairman of FOSSGIS e.V., Geofabrik employee

  • Ranks for Rendering
Mikel Maron

Mikel leads the Community Team at Mapbox, building diverse collaborations centered on amazing mapping tools and open data, to make positive change on complex, global problems.

As Presidential Innovation Fellow at the US State Department Mikel drove OpenStreetMap adoption across federal agencies. He is co-founder of the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team, co-founder of Map Kibera and GroundTruth Initiative, and current proud Board member of the OpenStreetMap Foundation. He holds a master’s degree in Evolutionary and Adaptive Systems from the University of Sussex, and bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from UC Santa Cruz.

  • An Incomplete History of Companies and Professionals in OpenStreetMap
Mikko Tamura

OSM volunteer, community organizer, DRR specialist, cartographer, LGBT and HIV awareness advocate

  • MAPBEKS: Mapping of HIV Facilities and LGBT spaces in the Philippines on OpenStreetMap
Orkut Murat Yılmaz
  • Turkish Law on National Geospatial Data and Its Implications Regarding OSM and the Community
Regina Campos Cc.

I'm Regina!
I live in Cusco, Peru, I am 22 years old and I studied Communication Sciences. Since 2019 I work in GAL Center, an innovative consultancy that develops projects to improve education and development of Cusco.
To date, I worked on projects related to education and technology. Last year I participated in the Women Connect Challenge project, where my main role was to train high school and university students at OSM, digital mapping in general and associated tools, such as KoboCollect. This year I am responsible for the MapImpact Project.

  • MapImpact: Mapping and social researchs by students in Cusco, Perú
Said Turksever

Said Turksever, Community Operation Manager at Mapillary
Said is the Community Operation Manager, the street-level imagery platform that scales and automates mapping using collaboration, cameras, and computer vision. Said is Geomatic Engineer and has a Master's degree in Geomatics Engineering from Istanbul Technical University. He is originally from Turkey and now lives in Italy. He is active in building the OpenStreetMap community in Turkey and interested in mapping POIs and its accessibilities.

  • The Map in 360
Shamilah Nassozi

Shamilah Nassozi is a map enthusiast from Kampala, Uganda. She has been an OpenStreetMap contributor since 2016. She is currently a GIS Training Associate with Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team in Uganda. Shamilah is an active member of the OpenStreetMap community in Uganda and has carried out several GIS workshops and mapathons to foster the growth and use of OpenStreetMap and other free open-source tools in the community.

  • What to do when local citizens do not consent? A discussion on how to navigate difficult field scenarios that involve local communities.
SotM Working Group
  • Lightning Talks II
  • Closing
  • OSM Quiz
  • Opening
  • Lightning Talks I
Sowmya Nayani

I am Sowmya Nayani (Neena) from India and working on OSM since 2016.
Am passionate about mapping and also professionally cartographer, Currently working as a project lead at RMSI.

  • Health Facilities Import
Stathis G. Arapostathis

I am a Geographer and PhD graduate in the field of Volunteered Geographic Information - Social Media. Currently I am a freelancer and I have worked/I am working in projects related to data collection, GIS, databases and map creation. I am also doing my first steps as a teacher and continue publishing research that is related to my research field

  • OSM data assessment in the area of Athens - Greece
Taylor Reich

Taylor (they/them pronouns) is a research associate at the Institute for Transportation and Development Policy, a worldwide NGO advocating for sustainable and inclusive urban mobility. Taylor's work is in metrics and indicators, improving tools to help us better understand the cities we live in. This includes developing tools to measure the performance of sustainable mobility as well as conducting impact assessments of ITDP projects. Before joining ITDP, Taylor lived in Amman, Jordan, where they studied the history of Jordanian housing policy.

  • Pedestrians First
Tri Selasa

Tri is a GIS Training Officer at HOT Indonesia. She was previously involved in various projects with HOT Indonesia as Spatial Data Entry, such as Malaria Elimination Mapping and Jakarta RW Mapping. She holds a B. Sc title majoring in geography. She enjoys listening to music, watching some good TV series and playing with her cats.

  • 4 County OSM Digitization Liberia – Lesson Learned
Yantisa Akhadi

I have been using OSM since 2012. Since 2013, I have joined HOT and become an active OSM promoter, not only in my home country, Indonesia but also in regional and international events. While I no longer work for HOT, I want to keep on promoting OSM to people and institutions. I believe that as the biggest open geospatial data platform, it is also important for OSM to be diverse. It needs to allow as much participation as possible to map our world.

  • OSM Routing Evaluation
Zainab Ramadhanis

Zainab Ramadhanis is a data spatial entry in HOT Indonesia since 2017 till present. She knows OpenStreetMap since 2016 when she was doing her internship project about change land area in Pluit Sub-District, Jakarta, Indonesia. Besides OpenStreetMap she is also into sentinel radar imagery and used it for her thesis research about the spatial correlation between land subsidence and flood in North Jakarta.

  • Gender Performance in OSM Mapping, Does It Matter?