Yantisa Akhadi

I have been using OSM since 2012. Since 2013, I have joined HOT and become an active OSM promoter, not only in my home country, Indonesia but also in regional and international events. While I no longer work for HOT, I want to keep on promoting OSM to people and institutions. I believe that as the biggest open geospatial data platform, it is also important for OSM to be diverse. It needs to allow as much participation as possible to map our world.

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OSM Routing Evaluation
Yantisa Akhadi

This talk will present an evaluation of different OSM routing software and its impact on the journey. Several popular OSM routing software results will be evaluated on its route-cost (distance and or time) and different modes of transportation (from walking to motor-vehicle). Additional evaluation on the ground will also evaluate which route is a good (or bad) one and what may cause this impact.

Software Development
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