Sowmya Nayani

I am Sowmya Nayani (Neena) from India and working on OSM since 2016.
Am passionate about mapping and also professionally cartographer, Currently working as a project lead at RMSI.

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Health Facilities Import
Sowmya Nayani

The talk is to basically share the experience of working with Imports of Health Facilities in India (OpenGovernmentData). We planned to go briefly through the background of Open GovernmentData and the countries following the OGD, along with the compatibility of OdBL for the datasets they provide to the public.

The main purpose of the import is to provide accessible data of accurate health care information from the Open Government Data directories for Hospitals, Health facilities, Blood banks, Health Centers and Health Clinics information which can be useful for all the people and also the Humanitarian team in India.

The primary focus of the talk is the import process from data preparation to the execution which includesImports Guidelines , Data Cleanup, Data transformation, Data Execution. The talk shares the detailed stats of the - Indian Health facilities OSM map data coverage before & after Imports and our survey experience for collecting the health facilities records in our region - Telangana.

We also line up with the Survey experience to collect the Health facilities records and conducted OSM awareness programmes. Conclude the session with the future plan and local community support.

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