Regina Campos Cc.

I'm Regina!
I live in Cusco, Peru, I am 22 years old and I studied Communication Sciences. Since 2019 I work in GAL Center, an innovative consultancy that develops projects to improve education and development of Cusco.
To date, I worked on projects related to education and technology. Last year I participated in the Women Connect Challenge project, where my main role was to train high school and university students at OSM, digital mapping in general and associated tools, such as KoboCollect. This year I am responsible for the MapImpact Project.

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MapImpact: Mapping and social researchs by students in Cusco, Perú
Regina Campos Cc.

In Cusco, Peru, during the last 2 years, GAL Center worked with students using OSM and associated tools, such as Kobo as educational tools, mainly for research into social problems that the students themselves identify in their locality. Projects such as “Sexist advertising mapping”, “Sexual health” and “Garbage mapping in Larapa” were the result of this work.

This year, MapImpact is one of the HOT Microgrants and we will work with high school students and YouthMappers Chapters that we help to create in universities. In this talk, I will tell you more about how we work MapImpact in GAL: our objectives, our methodology, our results and why we would like it to be replicated in other places.

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