Danijel Schorlemmer

Danijel Schorlemmer is a seismologist working at the German Research Centre for Geosciences. His main research interests are the statistics of earthquakes and earthquake hazard and risk. In the framework of several EU-funded research projects, he is working on classifying every building in Europe in terms of its earthquake vulnerability, reconstruction value, and the number of people inside depending on the time of the day. This work is part of his big-data global dynamic exposure model for loss and risk calculations for natural catastrophes. In this model, OpenStreetMap is a cornerstone around which the model is built. He is also the founder of the QuakeSaver company building micro-sensors to monitor earthquake shaking in buildings and for better understanding of the risk buildings are exposed to. He works mainly in Europe, Japan, and Taiwan.

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Buildings are the new Streets

What are the perspectives and challenges around the new wealth of building data in OpenStreetMap?

Earthquakes and OpenStreetMap

To assess the possible human and financial losses of earthquakes and to estimate the long-term earthquake risk that many people on Earth are exposed to, detailed knowledge of buildings is paramount. This encompasses not only the position, size, and type of buildings, but also the reconstruction value and the number of people inside the building at any time. Using OpenStreetMap data and further open data, we are implementing an open, global, dynamic, purely algorithmic, and reproducible exposure model for the probabilistic description of the aforementioned parameters for every building on Earth, growing and changing with every edit in OpenStreetMap.