Meet an OpenStreetMapper
07-04, 22:15–22:32 (UTC), Track 1

OpenStreetMappers are a diverse group of people. This short segment will introduce you to another person that makes the project what it is.

Enjoy this little break from longer talks and get to know a conference delegate that you can talk to at the conference. As OpenStreetMap is made by us all, it's important to get to know each other and this can form a nice ice-breaker or give you suggestions on conversation starters.

Gregory has two unique OpenStreetMappers for us to meet and chat to. One has only been a member of the project for a couple of years, getting involved due to a call from the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team(HOT) but also some local projects to map solar panels. The other OSMer has been involved for more years, and has started running out of new things to map in her local area so helps the project in other ways.


Getting to know the people that make OpenStreetMap

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Mappers, Community

Gregory held back from joining until he met some OSM folk in the UK in 2006. He has attended at many events, including several previous years of State of the Map. Gregory loves talking to different people in the community, learning their story and interests.