OpenStreetMap & Governments Around the World
07-09, 20:00–21:00 (UTC), Track 2 - Panels and Workshops

Hear members of the Local Chapters & Communities Working Group share how they are collaborating with their local and federal governments.

The panelists are Maggie Cawley (OSM US), Jez Nicholson (OSM UK), Joost Schouppe (OSM Belgium), Stefan Keller (OSM Switzerland), Eugene Villar (OSM Philippines), Naveen Francis (OSM India), Anisa Kuci (OSM Italy)
Moderator is Allan Mustard (OSMF Chair)

This talk will feature members of the Local Chapters & Communities Working Group from OSM United States, OSM United Kingdom, OSM Belgium, OSM Switzerland, OSM Philippines, OSM India, and OSM Italy discussing collaborations with their local state and federal governments. Learn how OpenStreetMap is being used by governments all over the world! We will share lessons learned, our ideas for how governments can better integrate with OSM, and success stories from around the globe. We intend to include as many speakers as we can fit into our slated time slot to share experiences from a diversity of places. Are governments mapping road in OSM? Importing buildings? Adding addresses? Or maybe comparing data in OSM to keep their data base current? We hope to inspire other mappers to advocate for OSM in their local communities and even with their federal governments.


A presentation of the Local Chapters & Communities Working Group


Members of the Local Chapters & Communities Working Group

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The Local Chapters and Communities Working Group (LCCWG) is tasked with finding and implementing ways for the Foundation to support the growth of local communities and potentially encourage established communities to further organise themselves and eventually formally affiliate with the Foundation as one of its Local Chapters. Aside from that, the LCCWG will also facilitate a global exchange of ideas and support among Local Chapters and communities and review and suggest improvements to the Local Chapters affiliation scheme.