Sabine Müller

Sabine Müller is Advisor for Participation and Learning in the Digital World at Wikimedia Deutschland. She is committed to opening up education, cultural heritage and the research system.
Before she was Senior Advisor for the Humanities and Learning sciences as well as career development at the Leibniz Association. With an academic background in literature, (embodied) narratology and philosophy, she is enthusiastic about learning more and discussing the preconditions of our knowledge(s), cultural narratives and epistemological frameworks.


Decolonizing the Internet's Structured Data follow up
Érica Azzellini, Amanda Chevtchouk Jurno, Adele Godoy Vrana, Anasuya Sengupta, Sabine Müller

What would structured data with multiple epistemic frames look like? And how do we get there? Wikimedia Deutschland, Wiki Movimento Brasil and Whose Knowledge? in early October, invited thinkers and practioners from different locations and backgrounds to reflect on how to decolonize the Internet's structured data in a conversation that must continue! Join this discussion about the challenges and opportunities of structured data from the perspectives of different systems of knowledge and identities.

Reimagining Wikidata
Room 3