João Alexandre Peschanski

João Alexandre Peschanski is a Professor of Journalism at Faculdade Cásper Líbero, in São Paulo, Brazil. He holds a PhD in Sociology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He is currently the chair of the User Group Wiki Movimento Brasil, and is a board member of the User Group Wikipedia & Education. He has served as the co-cordinator for WikidataCon 2021. His username across Wikimedia projects is Joalpe.


Brazilian GLAM panel: Wikidata for digital dissemination strategies
João Alexandre Peschanski, Luciana Conrado, Solange Ferraz

In this session, you will get an overview of the technological maturity in Brazilian museums and understand how Wiki Movimento Brasil developed a process for putting Wikidata at the core of digital dissemination strategies for GLAM partnerships. We’ll dive into the possibilities Wikimedia ecosystem offers for GLAM institutions in different socio economic contexts - from the development of open source technologies to establishing their relevance online. Luciana Conrado, network articulation coordinator of the Tainacan project - a free software for the social construction of digital repositories - and Solange Ferraz de Lima, the former director of the Paulista Museum, an institution closed for almost ten years for renovation that used Wikidata to share and innovate with their collections online, will talk to Marília Carrera, projects manager at Wiki Movimento Brasil.

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How can we reimagine Wikidata from the margins? Conversation with Maryana Iskander
João Alexandre Peschanski, Maryana Iskander

Conversation with Maryana Iskander, incoming CEO of the Wikimedia Foundation, and João Alexandre Peschanski, president of Wiki Movimento Brasil who are co-organizing the WikidataCon 2021.

As part of her listening tour, Maryana is interested in listening to different views from across our movement. She would love to hear your ideas, vision and proposals for Wikidata, how to ensure a sustainable future for the project, and how to reimagine Wikidata to make it more accessible to and inclusive of content and communities currently underrepresented.

During this session, you are invited to engage with the incoming CEO of the Wikimedia Foundation in a Wikidata-focused conversation. Particularly, Maryana is interested in understanding the perspective of Wikidata and its vibrant community:
* What motivates you to contribute to our work and take part in Wikidata?
* What makes the Wikidata community special?
* How can we increase participation from underrepresented groups in Wikidata? How can we reimagine Wikidata from the margins?
* What are your questions for Maryana?

The session will be recorded but some time will be left at the end of the session for unrecorded open discussions.

Reimagining Wikidata
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Wikidata & Education: A Global Panel
Houcemeddine Turki, Mike Peel, LiAnna Davis, João Alexandre Peschanski, Shani Evenstein Sigalov, Martin Poulter

A chance to globally discuss the state of Wikidata & Education.
With 2 years passing since our panel in WDCon19, this panel would offer an opportunity to the community working on implementing WD into Education a chance to connect and discuss burning issues. What are some interesting initiatives globally? What has changed? What are some of our current challenges, especially during COVID? and what can we do, globally, to enhance this global effort? These will be some of the questions we will be discussing with invited panelists from around the world and the audience attending this session.

Education & science
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