Wikibase Community User Group meeting and track roundup
10-31, 16:30–16:55 (UTC), Room 1

The Wikibase Community User Group (WBUG) supports Wikibase as an entity distinct from Wikidata. As a WMF affiliate, its mission is to cultivate Wikibase's development and encourage like-minded developers and data analysts to create and improve related tools.

Over time, the group has taken on an operational support role for new users. Members offer interactive help over Telegram and give input to discussions via their mailing list, as well as contributing to Phabricator tickets and documentation.

WBUG's primary contacts will hold an open forum during WikidataCon's Wikibase Track, instead of the usual monthly meetup. This will introduce the group to a broader Wikidata community and offer space to reflect on what did or did not work in terms of programming and learning as the Wikibase track concludes. Any time remaining may be used to consider the group's future development and activities.

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What will the participants take away from this session?

As well as offering a venue to review and discuss the day's events, participants should obtain a greater understanding of the user group's current role and status, as well as the changes taking place with it and the challenges and opportunities of the future.

Ideally, some might come away with ideas on how to contribute to the Wikibase community as part of the user group in the future.