"A Wikibase for what?" - diverse users at the edge of the graph
10-31, 16:15–16:30 (UTC), Room 1

While the world of Wikibase focuses mainly on institutional users, the increasing maturity of Docker-based distributions and availability of hosting platforms such as WBStack and Miraheze has led to a proliferation of individual and community use outside academia, as well as several independent research projects.

This overview of the field seeks commonalities in various examples, and briefly considers some of the challenges such users face.

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What will the participants take away from this session?

A better appreciation for the diverse uses to which Wikibase may be put; and, perhaps, inspiration for their own projects.





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* WikiBen
* NBDb
* WikiDP
* Beyond Notability
* Sweden Open Data
* WikiFCD
* IoT
* Cell Types
* School of Design
* T-Rex Taxonomy

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