Reimagining Wikidata from the margins: listening session
10-30, 21:00–21:55 (UTC), Room 3

What "reimagining Wikidata from the margins" means to you? Bring your thoughts and let's discuss some reflection points from the project!

  • How can Wikidata help you solve real problems in your community?
  • Where does the data you add to Wikidata come from? How is the access to other local databases?
  • What is the profile of Wikidata contributors in your community?
  • Are there main themes in your activities on Wikidata?
  • How is your relationship with other language communities?
  • How do you feel navigating the broad Wikidata community? Is it different from other Wikimedia projects?
  • Have you ever faced systemic biases in both contributors and content on Wikidata?
  • What community and technical resources would be needed to make Wikidata be more equitable in reflecting the full breadth of human knowledge?
  • What kind of local knowledge aren’t you able (yet) to model on Wikidata?
  • How do you think adding oral history or unpublished knowledge to Wikidata would support the representation of your culture on Wikidata?
  • Is there any notability or source policies that does not support adding your local community's knowledge on Wikidata?
  • What prevents people in your community that edit other Wikimedia from contributing to Wikidata?
  • What major knowledge gaps regarding your culture do you encounter on Wikidata?
  • Is your community working on covering specific knowledge gaps on Wikidata?
  • How can we ensure that Wikidata doesn’t replicate solely colonial knowledge?
  • How do local institutions contribute to Wikidata? And what are the challenges they face doing so?

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What will the participants take away from this session?

This is an opportunity for the participants to collaborate with the Reimagining Wikidata from the margins project! Participants are encouraged to share their local perspectives in this listening session. They will also be able to better understand the challenges and expectations Global South and other marginalized communities have regarding Wikidata's ecosystem.