Wikifunctions and Abstract Wikipedia: Community Perspectives
10-30, 13:20–13:40 (UTC), Room 2

Featured as the new project of Wikimedia Foundation, Wikifunctions aims to create an open database of scientific, logical and linguistic functions. These functions can be exploited later to create new information systems and projects, including Abstract Wikipedia, which combines semantic information in Wikidata with open linguistic functions to automatically generate Wikipedia articles about all Wikidata items in all supported languages. In this presentation, I will present both projects and describe the stages of the development of the two initiatives and their modus operandi, in addition to the importance of the two projects for the Wikimedia Community. After that, I will highlight the critical concerns about the two projects that were raised by the Wikimedia Community in WikiArabia 2021 and that should be efficiently solved to ensure the success of the initiatives.

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What will the participants take away from this session?

Attendees will learn about Wikifunctions and Abstract Wikipedia and how they should be developed. They will also know about how the projects will be designed to operate within a few years. As well, they will have an idea about the concerns that were collected through a discussion held in WikiArabia, the Arabic Conference of the Wikimedia Community.





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Houcemeddine Turki is a long-term Wikimedian working since 2009 and contributing to Wikidata and sister projects. He is also an open science advocate promoting the use of Wikidata as a free resourceto develop real-life computer applications at a low cost from the perspective of science policy and scholarly research. As a Wikimedian, Houcemeddine has been among the first members of Wikimedia Tunisia User Group in 2014 serving as GLAM and Education Coordinator for the affiliate between 2018 and 2019 as the Vice-Chair of the group since 2019. Moreover, he has been involved as a member of the Programme Committee of the WikiIndaba Conference, the Premier African Conference of Wikimedia Community, in 2018 and 2019. Furthermore, he currently serves as a member of WikiIndaba Streering Committee, of Wikimedia and Libraries User Group Steering Committee, and of Wikimedia Foundation Affiliation Committee. In real life, Houcemeddine is a medical student and a research assistant at the University of Sfax, Tunisia. He is affiliated to Data Engineering and Semantics Research Unit, a local research structure that focuses on the development of knowledge-based systems based on freely available computer resources.

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