Structured data, structured photos – SDC for WLM
10-30, 09:20–09:30 (UTC), Room 2

Structured Data on Commons has enabled us to better describe the contents of the millions of files that have been uploaded, harnessing the power of Wikidata. Wikimedia Sverige has been working on adding structured data statements to Wiki Loves Monuments photos from all around the world, which both makes them easier to discover and enables the community to better understand the impact and diversity of the competition.

I will give a short overview of this project and the recent developments, explaining our workflow, our plans for the future and how the community can get involved. Our common goal is for every WLM photo to be enriched with relevant structured data, so that the photographers' work can become even more visible, useful and interesting!

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What will the participants take away from this session?

The participants will gain an insight into how SDC and Wikidata work together. They will get an understanding of the large-scale work with SDC that Wikimedia Sverige is doing, what value it provides to the community and how they can involved themselves.