Wikidata for authority control: sharing museum knowledge with the world
10-30, 16:25–16:50 (UTC), Room 2

Wikimedia Sverige is working in partnership with the Nationalmuseum and the National Historical Museums to explore and use the power of Wikidata together with the museums' authority data files. As Wikidata is positioning itself as the web's central authority hub, this is an exciting example of how GLAMs can do practical work with it.
The aim of our project is to develop and evaluate methods of linking museums' authority data to Wikidata, with the ultimate goal of making it easier for researchers and other users to find, understand and analyze relevant information distributed across different museum collections.
The project includes visualisations of relations between historical persons to show the potential of otherwise abstract large amounts of data. Another aim is to equip the museums' staff with the skills and tools to actively engage with the Wikimedia projects, and in the long run increase the knowledge about Wikidata and its possibilities among GLAMs in Sweden.

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What will the participants take away from this session?

The participants will see an example of how a Wikidata-focused partnership with a major national GLAM can be structured and carried out. They will gain an insight into how one can talk to and work with museum staff to introduce them to Wikidata and its community, and what tools are useful. They will also learn how a GLAM can benefit from linking their data to Wikidata, providing arguments to use when initiating similar partnerships of their own.