A world in which 99% of Wikidata’s editors never come to Wikidata.org
10-30, 08:00–08:55 (UTC), Room 3

As Wikidata’s data is used in more and more technology we use every day, the vast majority of the people who are benefiting from our data never come to Wikidata.org and join the project.
We will need to do what we can to enable them to contribute to Wikidata regardless, for example, to correct mistakes or update outdated data. The alternative would be an ever-increasing amount of work and expectation resting on the shoulders of too few people on Wikidata.org, which is neither healthy nor sustainable. This means we need to prepare for more and more contributions being made by people through special-purpose apps, 3rd-party websites, the Wikidata Bridge and more without ever having visited Wikidata.org. That brings with it a number of fundamental questions we’d like to discuss in this session. Here are some of them:
* How can we ensure equity in making some of the fundamental decisions that shape Wikidata and that are being made on Wikidata.org?
* What does it mean for Wikidata to shift more towards being the place of final decision making and arbitration instead of everyone coming there to edit?
* What processes, tools, guidelines, etc do we need to have in place to make this work?

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What will the participants take away from this session?

An understanding about a fundamental shift for Wikidata that is going to happen over the coming few years and a discussion about how we approach it together