Taking in feedback from re-users at scale
10-30, 09:30–09:55 (UTC), Room 3

Many large companies and organizations are relying heavily on Wikidata and the data treasure we offer as a commons. As they are exploring and using our data they encounter mistakes, inconsistencies, outdated information, vandalism and more. In addition, they get reports from their users about issues in the data. They are willing to give back, even on a large scale. Making this work is crucial for the long-term health and sustainability of Wikidata. In this session, we’d like to discuss how this can work. Which feedback do we want? How do we want it? What tools, processes, guidelines, etc do we need to have in place?

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What will the participants take away from this session?

A shared understanding of how we can work together with larger partners in the future for the benefit of Wikidata.