Decolonizing Wikidata: Q&A session
10-30, 15:00–15:55 (UTC), Room 3

This is the follow up session of the keynote "Decolonizing Wikidata: why does knowledge justice matter for structured data". Bring your questions and your thoughts to this conversation with Anasuya Sengupta and Adele Godoy Vrana, from Whose Knowledge?

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What will the participants take away from this session?

Participants are invited to imagine together practices for knowledge justice on Wikidata





Anasuya Sengupta is an Indian feminist activist, scholar, and co-founder of Whose Knowledge?, who lives and works across multiple continents and online as a Wikipedian. She joined the Wikimedia Foundation in 2012, became Chief Grantmaking Officer, and then began in earnest to edit and amplify marginalised knowledges on Wikipedia as a volunteer. She has led and supported social justice initiatives in India and the United States, particularly against caste- and sexuality- based discriminations, religious fundamentalisms, and gender-based violence. She acknowledges the multiple positions of power and disempowerment she holds, especially as an “upper caste” savarna brown woman from the Global South.

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